First full-figured women’s expo fashion show to head to the Midwest

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When it comes to the world of fashion for the curvier woman, things are starting to heat up and getting even better as full-figured fashion is increasing in the ranks. Now more than ever, curvier women are now going to boutiques that especially specializes in carrying clothing for the woman who has more hips and a sexy attitude to match.

We recently caught up with Anj Blanchard-Carter who is the owner of So Anxious Clothing and is now preparing to bring Curvature: Full-Figured Women’s Fashion Show to the Midwest this month.

Tell us a little about yourself as a stylist. How and why did you first get into styling?

I’ve always had a love for fashion. I have always looked up to my mother and grandmother when it came to the different styles they had when they were going to church, or going to any type of event. Earlier on, I knew that I wanted to be a business owner. I remember growing up and going onto Mass Avenue seeing all of the businesses and how unique they were. That pretty much stuck with me and I was able to find my creativeness, which happens to be fashion.

You have your own boutique So Anxious Clothing. Tell us a little bit about the boutique including how you first came up with the idea and what led you to want to have your own boutique online.

What led me to opening my own online boutique was that I was a manger at a call center and one of my agents started their own business. I thought that was so unique and I knew that was something I had in me. I started doing research and saw how easy it was to get everything started and I actually ended up starting my business within a week of doing research. I have been in business for seven years.

Being a stylist does differ from being a designer. Do you have any aspirations to potentially do any designing?

Actually I do. I have been taking some sewing classes. I’m actually trying to do it on my own and pretty much take it from there. When I was younger I would draw designs. It was something that I knew I would do some day but I didn’t know the boutique would come first.

Where did the title of your boutique So Anxious Clothing originate from?

The title actually started with me and one of my friends. We wanted to get into an entertainment business and we thought of the name So Anxious because a lot of people are so anxious to do this and do that. That name kind of stuck. Since we didn’t do anything with that business I decided to stick to the name put clothing at the end.

Where do you hope to see your store in about five years?

Five years from now I would like to have more than one store. I also see myself getting into more shows that are in New York, LA and even Canada. I’ve been invited to many different fashion weeks and I see myself collecting from that as I see myself doing that in the future as well.

What is one important thing you have learned so far as business owner?

That being unique is ok! Another lesson I have learned is having models that actually look like my customers. I’m being honest with my customers by showing models that truly look just like them.

Let’s now shift gears and talk about The Curvature Expo coming up! Tell our readers a little bit about that.

My reason behind the expo is there are a ton of shows that represent fashion, but not plus sized fashion. I wanted to have this show to give everyone the opportunity to learn about fashion and actually being able to relate to the fashion that is actually on the runway. This will be a refreshing reflection in beauty, hair and fashion all in one.

This is the first time something like this has been done in Indianapolis. What do you hope the city will take away from the event?

I hope that Indianapolis will take a way the delivery of being positive when it comes to your body and image. I also want people to be able to grasp the knowledge from the educators as well. My ultimate goal is for this to grow into a full-figured women’s expo.

Do you plan to make this a reoccurring event and will other cities have the chance to have this event in their city also?

I definitely want to make this a reoccurring event and also bring it to the other cities.

For more information about the fashion show,

To visit the online boutique of So Anxious Clothing, visit the online website

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