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“Whenever men and women straighten their backs up, they are going somewhere, because a man can’t ride your back unless it is bent,” words spoken by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

See when these words were delivered, it was at a time when waters hoses were being sprayed on little boys and girls, parents and grandparents. Where K-9 units where being used to not sniff out a crime scene for drugs and other substances, but were indeed called to attack humans because Jim Crow said so. Where trees, which covered the grassy front yards, were bleeding of human blood from bodies being hung! So, now this is what we came to.

See we live in a generation where the mirrors we do look to have no reflections! And without a reflection we do not have any direction and that’s why we are dealing with attitudes of inconsistent patterns with people who have no testicular fortitude! So, why does this seem to be a consistent problem. The problem lies within this political propaganda being presented on these bias news stations to strike fear in the hearts and minds of our people.

We see this action become reality when we get politicians telling us to vote against something or someone, but you’re not gonna put fear in me because fear and God do not occupy the same space. I do not make no pardon or no excuse me sentence for the words I’m about to say. Our ignorance on many topics, such as Race Relations, Civil Rights and politics are making us illegitimate children of this country.

So, what we don’t know will hurt us and has hurt us because we are not equipped properly to fight this battle in this WAR where that thin line between blacks and whites lay. We now find time to talk about Dr. King’s Dream or anything dealing with Black Prominence because a month on a calendar tells us to?

So, now with 28 days and sometimes 29 days there is a sense of urgency to host events/spit poems and raise awareness about people of African Descent! I am SO glad when I look at history, the civil rights movement or any movement that happened dealing with blacks, didn’t only take place in February but all year long until missions got completed. I am also grateful that there was a Freedom summer that took place in the summer of 1964 and not just February. I am also grateful for each movement that lasted for 12 months out the year instead of just one.

Oh, I am very grateful that every person of African descent who made the difference in America and in the world were not just born in February. My point is this and hear me clearly, do not degrade a movement that took many days and nights, blood sweat and tears and minimize its worth by only bringing black prominence to light with this one month called February.

The fact of the matter is black prominence should be celebrated each day and moment because history does not lie. When I say the Nile Valley Africans gave us our modern-day civilization. The moorish people gave us the awareness of science and technology as they expanded their population to each continent. America was discovered and been discovered by people of African descent and it is written in Christopher Columbus’s diary about a map given to him on how to get to this country from the Africans! Now let’s turn our heads and spend each day in reflection to each direction that was taken from those who came before us.

See, individually we are each a movement, but no matter what difference were between views and endeavors throughout history. Medgar Evers, Stokley Carmichael, Dorothy Height, Bayard Rustin, Paul Robeson, Booker T. Washington, Jan Matezlinger, Henry Thomas Sampson Jr, Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner, Fredrick Douglas, John Brown, Alexander Dumas, , Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Dick Gregory, Richard Pryor, Dr. Gladys West, Garrett Morgan, Lewis Lattimore,Elijah McCoy, Dr. Charles Drew, Huey P. Newton, Mark E Dean, Homer Plessy, James Farmer, Barack Obama,  Fannie Lou Hamer C.T Vivian, June Jordan, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Ida B. Wells, Roy Wilkins, Carter G Woodson Sojouner Truth Antonio “A Negro” Aka Anthony Johnson and thousands of others were activists who used their tools to activate the minds of persons and form the Movement.


  • Howard Lee III

    Howard Lee III is a Published Author, Entrepreneur, Youth Empowerment Champion, Community Relationship Pioneer, and a Creative Arts Specialist who has improved the living conditions of hundreds of families and youth. He is a spoken word artist and created an empowerment platform to teach the art of poetry called: StoryBook Xtreme at Howard has written 5 Op-Ed articles for the Telegraph Herald newspaper surrounding the topic: community relationships, youth empowerment and community activism.

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