Fashion, Event and Entertainment PR Brand, Nadia Worsley Publicity, Assists in Elevating it’s Clients to Success

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Nadia Worsley Publicity is a full-service public relations and marking communications firm based in  Los Angeles, California. They bring the strongest and most innovating way of building entertainers, clothing designers and events into a strong brand. They make it their job to fully understand their clients needs and then wants. Nadia Worsley publicity sets out to execute strategically aimed press campaigns to brand clients into leaders.

Nadia Worsley Publicity is committed to building strategic branding, integrated marketing, and social media management campaigns for their clients. They offer a powerful combination of public relations and public affairs services for clients around the globe. Nadia Worsley Publicity sets out to change the way brands interact with their PR partner and achieve incomparable success. 

I recently had the opportunity to interview the beauty and brains behind the brand, Nadia Worsely. Check out the interview below:

Can you please tell myself and the readers about yourself?

I’m Nadia Worsley. I was born in Long Island, New York but I was raised in Southern California, just outside of Los Angeles. I went to Freeport High School from my freshman year to my sophomore year then moved back to California to finish my last year in high school at Eisenhower High School. Immediately after high school, I went to college to obtain my Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Marketing. At the age of 24, I launched my PR firm, Nadia Worsley Publicity. I’ve worked closely with musicians and DJs in the music industry, small businesses and beauty brands.  

Growing up and still to this day, who are your inspirations? How did they influence you?

Diddy! He’s been my biggest inspiration since I was little. Diddy is a business man by nature and I have to give him so much respect for that. You have to be pretty talented to go from a rap career to putting others on to owning a clothing line, on down to owning a large entertainment network. That’s what I call putting in work.  

What influenced you to get into the public relations field?

I always knew that I wanted to work behind the scenes. I always had this vision of me making other brands, people and businesses look good knowing I was working behind them. I built all of these wonderful relationships with business owners, writers, journalists and media outlets while in college so I found a way to utilize those relationships and make a living out of the relationships I’ve built.  

Can you tell myself and the readers the clients and brands you’ve represented?

I’ve worked with Johnny Blaze from Love & Hip Hop, DJ VIPwhich is Nipsey Hussle’s official DJ, Kid Cannon, Arnez, VVS, Lucinda Cross. Those are some of the people that I’ve worked closely with.  

Do you prefer working for brands or individual clients more? Why?

I prefer to work with brands. Usually brands are more established and have everything in order whereas a lot of individuals are still trying to turn themselves into businesses.  

Do you get paid a flat rate or some kind of commission rate?

As a publicist, I work on a monthly retainer. The retainer depends on the client, their budget and exactly how much work has to be done to achieve a successful campaign in order to get my client established and recognized as a thought leader.  

What words of wisdom or advice can you share with us millennials?

Do what you love because you will never work a day in your life. Have a backup plan while pursuing your dreams. Sometimes plan A or B doesn’t work so you may have to jump off course for a second to get back on the right track. Keep yourself focused, be hungry and be humble. Also, work with people who are just as hungry for success as you are. You’ll find that those people will value you and your time.   

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