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person wearing pair of brown leather dress shoes

With the change of the season from spring to summer also comes the transition from spring to summer fashion. However, some of the hottest fashion trends from this year’s spring collections off the fashion week runways have found their way into summer ensembles of the fashion elite with the hottest trend being leather shirts. The trend of leather shirts has popped up in spring/summer collections for couture labels from Alexander Wang to Hermes and Celine as well as in the looks created by widely acclaimed fashion designers and personal stylists to the stars such as Jeremy Scott, June Ambrose, and Henry Golden Hanger. With the look being worn by stars which include Kanye West, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber, the world can expect this trend to continue to show up in more mainstream fashion boutiques and franchises to capitalize on its ongoing popularity.

The leather shirt look is typically worn in classic black leather combined with an almost punk rock genre combination of slim or skinny pants with those looking to guarantee maximum attention combining the black leather shirt with black leather pants and bright shoes (preferably red) for contrast. This look is most likely a favorite among the fashion forward youth due to its luxurious, yet casual and functional capabilities as it can easily transition from being a sophisticated piece worn on its own or underneath a blazer in a formal setting to being worn simply with a pair of jeans or a pair of matching black leather pants and sneakers as well as possible gold accessories. With the all black leather look being most effective for those enjoying the nightlife, the leather shirt trend is also effective during the day in more subtle tones in the appearance of light brown, caramel, red, and white versions. Before the summer commences, the leather shirt trend is sure to turn up on every red carpet, in every club, and on the backs of every trendsetter in the world.


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