Anikka Forbes is the nicest, kindest person anyone could meet. Even today, few know that she is technically a princess, and a descendant from a Nigerian royal bloodline that goes back almost 1,000 years.

Forbes is a ‘Lady of Variety’ who is humble, down to earth and whose royal lineage doesn’t reflect her reality of everyday life. She had no idea of her royal lineage for the first three decades of her life.  A female who has been tested through major trials and tribulations which include emotional and physical abuse.  Experienced first-hand bullying and racism during her primary school years, as well as constant rejection within the modelling industry. Her book is based on ‘six’ out of the 19-years’ worth of diaries and incorporates a variety of experiences which include her being attacked by a family member and a close encounter of nearly being a resident at HMP. She has bravely exposed her plight of suffering from years in darkness with mental health issues.

In her new memoir, ‘The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline’, Forbes bares all.


Born in the great city of London, England, Anikka Forbes always knew that she was different. Even down to her last name! It’s not a story you come across every day and may even be something you’ve never heard of before! You couldn’t make it up. Throughout her life this puzzled her in spite of her mothers’ reason as to why it was done, blaming it on her father when both are responsible. It wasn’t until her mid-thirties that she discovered her father’s bloodline and that she was a descendant of Nigerian Royalty, whose throne traces back 900 years and her history was hidden to keep her Nigerian ancestry a secret while growing up in Britain. Although technically a princess, Anikka has experienced the ups and downs of life like most. In her debut book, you will enjoy Anikka’s journey as she allows you to glimpse into a few of her nineteen years worth of authentic diary material from (2010-2016) written every day to some days. Her book will have you laughing, crying, intrigued and captivated as a ‘lady of colour and variety’ whose ancestry traces back to royalty takes you into her most intimate thoughts and experiences. In reading the book, The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline, not since Princess Diana will a reader come up close and personal with a lady who in spite of her royalty is genuine, truthful and humble.

“The over-riding message of this book is that regardless of who you are the most important pointers in life are to be true to yourself, honest, hardworking and most of all have self-love” explains the author. “Don’t judge my book by its glamorous cover, as what is written inside takes you on a journey which is thought-provoking and more authentic than you could ever imagine. Auditioning, helping others, putting myself out there, volunteering my time where I can and working hard to earn an honest living is standard procedure. There’s lessons in this book for everyone.”

Continuing, “Due to my life experiences, I know first-hand that it can either make you or break you.  I want to share my story to encourage others not to give up; if you believe you will succeed just remain true to yourself and don’t be afraid of your truth!  Although I love my family (both sides) unfortunately sometimes they can be your worst enemy or too toxic to remain around therefore I distanced myself from one side in order to find myself and thrive. I didn’t feel that I had anything to show for my 38 years, however after finally becoming a self-published author (12.12.19) I couldn’t be prouder.  It just goes to show that life isn’t defined by where you come from, but by the choices you make and the dreams you work to achieve.”

With the volume’s demand increasing, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.

‘The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline’ is available now:

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About the Author

Anikka Forbes is a London based actress, model that has been featured in national TV commercials for global brands, appeared in a music video for a world-known artist as well as short-films plus also graced the theatrical stage at Hackney Empire in a well-received production.  It was back in ‘1996 she experienced her first photoshoot of many to start building her modelling portfolio including a photo taken by photographer Osman Deen which had been published in The Pride Magazine in 2002.  Born in (Peckham) South-East London, Anikka aka Nicky has always been creative and innovative.  She has been a writer since her youth and has finally taken her many years of writing daily in her diaries about her life into her first published book called The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline.