Faith and Race: Challenging the Culture of Criminalization

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Justice Not Jails is pleased to announce that distinguished theologian/activist Dr. Charlene Sinclair with be joining distinguished UCLA historian Dr. Kelly Lytle Hernandez in setting the table for a day of interactive conversation and renewed commitment to dismantling all expressions of white supremacy. Dr. Sinclair will help us discern what faith communities are called to do in order to help finally realize Martin Luther King Jr.’s “revolution of values” while there is still time. Dr. Hernandez will help us uncover the often-hidden historical roots of the toxic white supremacy that sustains America’s racist criminal justice system and its equally racist treatment of immigrant communities of color.

The Faith and Race conference will also feature a panel of people directly affected by mass incarceration and a second panel of faith leaders who are leading the struggle to push back against racism in all its forms. All who attend will be able to offer their own perspectives and voice their own ideas for fighting back.

It all happens on Saturday, January 26th, at the Holman United Methodist Church in West Adams. All are welcome. Details and registration are here. Space is limited, and we urge you to register today to ensure that you can take part.

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