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Failing Is Not an Option

For some, college may not always seem like the next step to take after graduating from high school. They may feel the urge to take a break from school to let their minds gather its’ thoughts after twelve years of schooling, and others may have decided that college may not be the path for them right after school and take a road trip to explore different places, or even enlist in the military to save money where letting the military pay for their college education. For those who choose higher education they must decide that the next two to four years will be a success or failure. There are several reasons why some students may not succeed in college pertaining to a lack of class attendance, poor study habits, and personal problems that may take their mind off their objective.

Many students may fail to the lack of poor class attendance. Students who get in the rhythm of missing class, or coming to class late once or twice a week tend to have poor class attendance. Several, if not all college professors, state in the syllabus that more than enough excessive absences will cause your grade to be lower. Now take in mind this is not an attempt by any professor to fail a student, but a mere lesson that those who miss class don’t do as well as those who don’t. Students who lack good class attendance also show no self-discipline or motivation.

Secondly, some students may fail due to improper study habits. Professors will be able to tell which students have been studying or completing their homework assignments by their test grades. Poor studying examples could be that of trying to study while the music is playing, watching television, talking on the phone, and/or not doing homework because the work the professor handouts study guides for exams that are given.

Finally, students can fail because of personal problems. When students start allowing them to affect their college education they tend to lose focus on what their objective was for going to college. These issues can range from being away from home, trying to work and attend class, and being overwhelmed with college life. No student wants to let their problems affect school work causing them to fall behind.

Although going to college and failing is not on students’ minds, some will have to face that pursuing a higher education at a two to four-year university may not be in the best interest for them. However, when you are deciding on which college to attend keep in mind that, “Failing is not an option.”


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