Exclusive Interview: Widow of the Late Andrew Kearse Speaks About Husband’s Death While in Police Custody

In May 2017, 36-year old Andrew Kearse died while in the custody of the New York police. In an audio recording of the police dash cam, it reveals that Kearse was struggling to catch his breath and repeatedly yelled “I can’t breathe,” while being transported in a squad car to an upstate New York police station.

His widow, Angelique Negroni-Kearse, provided the audio to BuzzFeed News. It’s the first time it is being made public. She recorded the audio on her phone during a meeting with prosecutors January from the New York Attorney General’s office, which is investigating Kearse’s death. She can be heard on the recording reacting to footage.

I recently interviewed Mrs. Kearse where she discussed her feelings and thoughts surrounding the whole ordeal. Check out the interview below: 

Can you please tell myself and the readers about yourself?

My name is Angelique Negroni-Kearse. I’m a mother of 7 and I work for the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

You’re the wife and widow of Andrew Kearse. Can you describe to us the details of the situation that resulted in his passing?

My husband Andrew was kill by Schenectady Police Department on May, 11 2017.     “I CAN’T BREATHE!” Those are the words repeated over and over by my husband, Andrew Kearse, in the back of a police car in Schenectady, New York.  For 17 minutes, over 70 times, he pleaded for his life, but he died in back of that car.  

It dosen’t matter what you think about the #BlackLivesMatter movement. If u care about human life, you should want answers too.  

What penalties have been handed out to the accused officer or officers?

Officer Mark Weekes is still on the job. We’re still waiting on the attorney general to indict him.   

Other than excuses and shifting the blame, has the police or attorney general department tried to reach out and offer living assistance?

No, I feel the attorney general doesn’t care about Andrew or myself and children.  

Is there currently any updates and progress being made with the attorney general’s office concerning a conviction or settlement?

It’s been a year so far and we’re still waiting. I seen the dash cam video on January 10 and what I seen it is self explanatory that he needs to be indicted.   

With the mass killings and apprehension of shooters and other white killers, do you feel all the police misconduct and killings should be seriously taken under investigation?

Yes, they need to be held accountable for their actions. While we’re losing our loved ones, they’re out there living life like it’s nothing with no explanation or an apology they gave to the families.   

You recently attended an event to speak about and honor your late husband, how was that? Can you tell us about it?

It was is a public call for officer Mark Weekes of the Schenectady Police Department to hang up his badge to atone for the death of my husband, Andrew Kearse, and to express his remorse to me of the man he killed on the first anniversary of Andrew death.   

We  planted a weeping cherry tree in front of my apartment building and hung a symbolic police badge and police belt to make space for Officer mark Weekes, responsible for the death of Andrew, to come forward and express his remorse.  

Myself, Black Lives Matter-New York, Rise and Resist, Peace Accelerators and local community went to Schenectady Police Department on February 10, 2018, so I can face and speak to the officer responsible for Andrew’s death. We were greeted with an empty police precinct. It was that officer’s chance to come forward and take action for his role in the death of Andrew.  

Is there any upcoming protest and events we should come out and support?

All I’m asking that everyone call the attorney general and ask to put it to a grand jury to indict Officer Mark Weekes so Andrew can get justice. 


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