Exclusive Interview: RUNGRL Changes the Narrative On What It Means to Run as a Black Woman

When it comes to running, especially as a Black or minority woman, we have not really been on the forefront on mainstream media, but this is changing. There are movements out there, such as RUNGRL, that are changing the narrative on how we think and view distance running.

Established in 2017, RUNGRL is a new-media platform that provides information, inspiration and celebration for the Black woman distance runner. With a strong focus on community, and by thoughtfully curating content that shares our voices and our stories, RUNGRL aims to change the existing narrative about what it means to be a runner.

RUNGRL recently wrapped up a six city Fall tour where they traveled along the East Coast to host 2-3 mile runs in select cities.

“We set out on the tour to spread the word about RUNGRL beyond our home base of Washington, D.C.,” Na’Tasha Jones, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at RUNGRL, stated. “Along the way we got to meet some phenomenal women who shared the same interests in healthy, active living and community support.”

Movements such as RUNGRL are needed in the community because they promote health and wellness. I was very intrigued by this media platform that I had to know more about the inspiration behind it. I got the chance to catch up with Jasmine Nesi, COO and Stephani Franklin, Chief Branding Officer. Check out the interview below:


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