Editor in Chief, Naomi K. Bonman with Antonio Ramsey after the interview

R&B crooner, Antonio Ramsey recently released his highly anticipated EP, “FunkTrap: The Unveiling”.  The EP features six funk-trap-vibe-filled melodies.
Earlier this summer, Antonio released the in-your-face single, “Trash” to rave reviews.  Prior to that, he introduced the smash and well received song, “Rituals”.
“FunkTrap: “The Unveiling” is the product of determination, Faith and not giving AF! I wanted to create something that felt authentic to me that other people in the world could relate and rock to,” says Antonio.  “Whether it’s the guy that caught his girl banging on his Gucci throw, or the girl who wants to know what the hell happens to y’all Rituals. There’s something for everybody and I’m glad to finally be sharing FunkTrap with the world!” he adds.
I recently interviewed Mr. Ramsey where he chatted more about his EP. Check it out below: