Exclusive Interview: Mother-Son Duo Team Up to Create Super Hero Action Figure, Sy

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In a world full of chaos, it is easy for youth to become lost. Plus, there isn’t that many positive reinforcements in media and cartoons for children to turn to. This is what prompted Cynthia and her son Sy to come with a super hero, action figure. 

The mother-son duo released a book and launched a few YouTube videos of Sy the Mighty Minder, and now they are ready to bring their character to life. 

Their whole concept is dope, so Purposely Awakened had to do an interview on the duo and their super hero. Check it out below: 

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself? 

I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have been living in Texas for the past 22 years. I’m a hard working, single mom of two beautiful boys. Sy is 11-years old and my oldest son Julius is a 20-years old and a pre-med student. 

I currently work as a Financial Manager during the day and at night I am working hard on promoting “Sy the Mighty Minder” book and plush figure. I have been an entrepreneur at heart my whole life and hoping to be able to turn my attention to my passion project full-time. 

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?

Growing up my mother was my inspiration and I’m inspired daily by my boys. My mother is a very smart woman. She worked three jobs and at forty years of age, she found the courage to leave these jobs behind and strike it out on her own as a entrepreneur. My youngest son, Sy, served as my inspiration to start my passion project, “Sy the Mighty Minder”, and I have the joy of working with him on the development of this project. 

At what age did you know you wanted to be influential to children?

At 19 years-old, when I had the pleasure of moving to Texas. I realized there was a major need for more family orientated activities. When I had my first child it reinforced the need for more family activities available. 

How did the great idea of this children book come upon your mind?

Four years ago, Sy had chronic asthma and because of his health he had to stay indoors. To keep him entertained, we started a YouTube channel and Sy created a spy character named Sy Silver, and much to our surprise over the next couple of years we received nearly 1.8 million views on the videos. As time went on, Sy decided to share his character in a different space and created a whole new universe for “Sy the Mighty Minder”.  We changed the look of Sy’s character and co-wrote the book. 

Can you give us a little sample summary of the book and it’s meaning? 

The book describes every time a baby is born on Earth, a Minder is assigned to protect them. Sy the Mighty Minder is a futuristic guardian who decides to change a thousand year old tradition because kids were misbehaving on Earth and could possibly disrupt the future. He decides to reveal himself to his assignment to help stop the misbehaving behavior and make way for the other Minders to do the same. 

You made a toy that comes in a bundle pack with purchase, how did you initially come up with the character? 

The character was based off a YouTube character we created named after my son Sy.

What was the influence of the unique character design?

We wanted something that looked futuristic from outer space but still a human form. 

Is the Sy the Mighty Minder book and toy your son’s favorite item right now? 

Of course, he is one of the creators, but Sy loves sharing it with his younger cousins. 

Can we look forward to a book signing or public event you’re putting together?  

Yes, if all goes well with the Indiegogo campaign we will have a public event coming in the near future. 

What great words of wisdom and advice can you offer to our millennial readers?

Everybody is born with a passion. Always listen to the beat in your heart and act on it because it is God thumping you. 

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