Exclusive Interview: Heartless Apparel Founder Chats on Rise of Apparel Business

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The fashion industry is constantly growing. It is a great avenue to get into as long as you know the ins and outs and make your designs unique. Unique is definitely the definition of Heartless Apparel.

Founder and owner, Frec, started the brand in 2017. The brand has also ready made an impact within two short years. I was intrigued by the progress and had to speak with Frec on what inspired him to start the brand.

Check out the interview below:

Can you tell the readers and I a little about yourself?

Well, I’m Frec ( rather not give my real name ) lol. I’m the owner of Heartless Apparel. I started this brand in 2017. I am 36-years-old and a father to two beautiful girls.

I am originally from Trinidad, but came to the NYC when I was around 11. I have one real blood sister and two adopted siblings, and we all still speak. It’s cool having people I can talk to when I’m feeling off.

My parents are still together they helped me become hard headed (lol), so I don’t take no for an answer. 

Growing up and still to this day, who are your inspirations and how did they impact your life?     

My mom and Jay-Z (lol) but mainly my mom! She’s about 5’2 and you can’t tell her she can’t do it because she will knock it out the park. So seeing that and I was like hold up she’s a little light skin lady that won’t take no for an answer, shit you can’t stop me then, and that’s how that fire started. Seeing that from young easy to copy, I took that and ran off with it.

At what critical point in you life did you realize you had a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship?

To be honest I’ve always been in tuned with fashion. We were lucky because we had  Jordan’s, Polo, Tommy, etc. Never needed or wanted, but I always wanted to create my own brand due to prices.

My friends didn’t have what I had due to money so that always bothered me. I know how to draw so I used to draw up designs and play around, but I wasn’t into that, so I decided that Urban street and casual wear was for me. This is my third line!

All the others did well, but sometimes it’s just not your time to shine. I’ve always told myself I will never work for anyone for my entire life, I must own my own. Plus, my mother has three or four businesses, I lost count (lol), so why am I going to work for someone so I can be told how much I work, make, what time to be at work, etc. No, I’m good. Plus, I have a bigger picture this isn’t only about fashion my vision is going to change a lot of things in the world!! I promise we have to save the youth.  

What particular event, situation, or thought inspired you to create your company Heartless Apparel? 

Well, it was created from the way I viewed the world and the energy that is given to us as a race. We are viewed as animals that kill and destroy. We are told we are (heartless ). So, now with that I took that energy and made it positive. I want to show the twist and beauty in being heartless. It’s not that we are heartless, it’s that we use our heart-less and I wanted to create a brand that’s affordable and looks good . 

Can you tell us the meaning behind your brand and about its objectives?

We want to show that being heartless isn’t what people say it is, life isn’t what people say it  is.

How many different designs and products does your brand currently sale?

We have six at the moment, but a couple more on the drawing board. The kids line also will be a couple new designs so we are at about 8 to 10. As for products, we have clothing ( all kinds ), bags, pop shockets, phone cases, pens, stickers, you name it we have it. Sneakers and a few other special items coming soon (lol) can’t let the secrets out yet!

What are your top five designs?

I can show you our top designs! To be honest we don’t have names for them. 

What are some upcoming release dates and events we can look forward to seeing from you?

We have a pop-up shop coming June 16, it’s in Brooklyn. And another pop-up coming in up in Boston. The date is in the works.

What great advice and words of wisdom would you like to share with the millennials?

Don’t put a cap on your dreamsgoals. People will try to determine your life by the standards they live by. Never settle. Believe in yourself and let God show you the way. 

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