Exclusive Interview: ‘Get Litty’ with Vocalist Imaní Scott

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Summertime will be here before we know it, and in some places it is already feeling like summer. Summer also means new jams are in order for those backyard BBQs and pool parties. One of those jams that should be in your iTunes rotation is, “Get Lit” by Imaní Scott. 

Imaní Scott is a blazing and rising singer, songwriter and graduate at Sam Houston State University.  She is a Houston native with roots in the Acres Homes community. Over the years, Scott has been relentlessly working behind the scenes learning the ropes of the music industry. With her electrifying colorful hairstyles, her triumphant vocals and sensational stage presence is establishing her to be Houston’s next “Shining Star”.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Imaní Scott. Check out the interview below:

Who is Imani Scott?

Imaní Scott is a “stylish, funny, laid-back chick” who also happens to be a Pop Funk recording artist from Houston, Texas! 

Growing up and to this day who do you consider to be an inspiration? How did they impact your life?

From a musical stand point, I would definitely say Prince, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, to name a few, were my biggest influences. Their boldness, unique style, work ethic and stage presence are the blueprint for a successful musical journey and 1 hell of a show! 

You’re an alumnus from Sam Houston State University, how proud of yourself are you for that big feat?

I’m very proud of my Alumni, “Let’s go Bearkats!” SHSU provided me great insight on entrepreneurship, which was very beneficial for me in the long run.

What was your area of study while at the university?

I received a Bachelor of Sciences in Health Science minoring in Criminal Justice.

What age did you start singing? When did you know that you wanted to take music seriously? 

I started singing around 8-years old, of course in church, then school. My sophomore year in college I decided to skip spring break and get in the studio which was actually in the living room of cousin’s house and I recorded my first single titled “Superstitious.” (LOL)

You’re a Pop/ Funk artist, what artists are considered your top 5 dead or alive?

My top five are Prince, Maze, Chaka Khan Janet Jackson and Beyoncé.

Currently which artists would you like to collaborate with? 

I would love to collaborate with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, both being great inspiration to my work. I know it would be magic!

Your latest project the introduction gave us a great feel of who you are and your artistry with “Throwing glitter”, “Get Litty” and “All over again” but what do you want us to know about you that your music can’t confess?

It wouldn’t be music if I’m not confessing anything. 

Writing your own songs is amazing, sometimes a lost talent, but how do you come up with such creativity? Do your emotions play a role in the songs you write?

Being inspired by day to day life and emotions helps my creativity. Also, having other creative individuals with good vibrations never hurts. 

“The Introduction” was received very well to be your debut project, but what do you think is going to propel your career to superstar status?

I believe staying consistent at growing spiritually, being transparent as possible and feeding my Diamond’s (fans), in due time I’ll reach the masses!

What upcoming projects, events and dates we should be on the lookout for?

I actually just started working on my mixtape. I’ll be dropping it Summer 2018!

What are some words of wisdom and great advice you can offer us fellow millennials?

Love yourself, understand you are you for a reason. Once you embrace it you’ll flourish in whatever it is you want to pursue.

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