Being in the entertainment industry and being a creativepreneur is all about hustle. The income that you can make in the industry is limitless is you have the drive, passion and know how to hustle. 

The new BET series, Hustle in Brooklyn, is a reality series that captures the lives of 13 successful millennials who are ‘killing it’ in the industry. I have watched a few episodes of the show and I love how each cast member is unique in the craft, but how they each of that hustle to succeed and make it to the top. 

I recently was able to catch up with Alicia Gooding. Gooding is the publicist on the show. She is the founder of C.O.D.E. (@thecodeofnyc). Gooding chatted to us on a quick break in between doing a photoshoot where she discussed how she got into public relations, how she came across the opportunity to be on Hustle in Brooklyn and a few upcoming projects that she is excited about. 

To listen to the interview, hit the play button below. Hustle in Brooklyn airs every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on BET. 

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