Exclusive Interview: Dr. Curtis Dodson Composes “The Martin Luther King March”, His Mission is to Have it as the Official MLK Anthem

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Composed by Dr. Curtis Dodson, “The Martin Luther King March” is an “Anthem” that takes the listeners on an emotional journey down memory lane. For some, it’s the actual times they marched with Dr. King and for others, it’s the pride and encouragement they felt watching the march on TV.  Yet, for this new generation, it is a reminder, an introduction of someone and something greater than ourselves.

Dr. King’s legacy and influence transcends the boundaries of race, gender, color or socio-economic status. He was truly a man for all the people, and the endearing lyrics of this anthem reflect this virtue. This song is said to be the soundtrack for the thousands of annual “King Week & Black History Month Celebrations” at schools, churches, colleges & social organizations across America and around the world.  This composition is perfectly suited for Marching Bands, Concert Bands, Choral Groups Church Choirs and Orchestras.

Dr. Dodson is a noted poet, speaker, minister and educator.  He holds a B.A., in Psychiatric Social Work, a Th.M., in Christian Counseling, and a Th.D., in Christian Counseling. Curtis has devoted a lifetime to helping disadvantaged children of all races. He has received numerous awards and commendation for his thousands of hours of volunteer service to various non-profit organizations.

I recently interviewed Dr. Dodson where he discussed his inspiration behind the song, what our youth and young parents need to know today and why community service and giving back is critical in today’s times.

Listen to the song below.

The Martin Luther King March by Curtis Dodson

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