Essence Atkins Ending Workplace Harassment to Honor MLK Day

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In an effort to recognize MLK day and Black History month, Essence Atkins has joined forced with #NotMe to end harassment and discrimination in the workplace and beyond. Stay tuned for her story and why she is passionate about #NotMe, to be posted on MLK Day.

People often think of harassment as only sexual, but the reality is that bullying-related to race and gender discrimination are at the top of the list of workplace harassment. With MLK and Black History Month being right around the corner, we think there is a real opportunity to shed light on this issue and offer people a solution.

The prevalence of workplace discrimination is vast, and it affects black women the most – 25% of black women are harassed compared to 11% for white men. Blacks reported a 60% higher rate of discrimination compared to whites. Black women filed 28.6 percent of pregnancy discrimination charges, despite making up only 14.3 percent of the female labor force. Help us make the change our society needs. 

#NotMe is a free and simple to use app that aims to prevent workplace harassment. The platform empowers anyone to safely report misconduct they’ve witnessed or experienced all via their mobile phone in as little as three minutes.

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