Environmental Perspective

My Environmental Perspective is that progress should distress any situation. Then the question can be, how do you react when there is no progress? What makes the mind wonder and leave the steady mind state to intrude into an absolute difficult situation, but without contemplation?


Let’s rewind and unwind the difficulties that we have fell upon. Let’s go back in history to a time when race relations were at its lowest and that the standard of living can only be achieved if you had the pale white skin to resemble what the society thought was Jesus. But let’s not besiege ourselves and break down the real tradition of this land in which servitude was only supposed to be what society categorized the non-Christian folks.


I extend my hand to expand the minds to an absolute right perspective. I will not disconnect my words with my passions. I will not last very long in this world fighting the fight that has been going in circles. I will not live long enough to see the changes in faces from clear skin to rough skin to white skin to brown skin and finally end up back dark skinned. I made the mistake just the other day to bring added pain to my life by injecting a barbaric fluid in my system called anger. I was mad at the circumstance but I see now that I am more advanced, but it’s only because trials and tribulations are transportation to where I need to go


I fell upon the situation of choosing to stay or go, so I decided to leave the words behind and to feel my soul with folks who reflect my destiny and don’t choke my destiny with lies, deceit and unwanted decree. I hate it, I hate it and I hate it, but what would I hate if the world that is formed around me is my world and my way of life and my experiences. I should take the learning curve and bend as the curve bends. As I said before I am a sin sick soul buried alive burning deep down inside to unleash this pain that hasn’t been my pleasure.


I am fully equipped with fast talking lips and a slippery tongue to ooze out my words to hit a person’s body on all cylinders! But that is not enough, I need the mind state to keep me transforming and not conforming to the evils of a lifetime. The evil is living while the good is JUST SURVIVING.


This world I cannot call my own because there is nothing I own, but I rent it for the time being until I go home. I am in a place away from my real home. Being born in a world where confusion collides with confusion is very dangerous. Where else can I go? Where will you go? When I look at the faces I pass I see that my life won’t last with too much material things but that which is spiritual. As my body gets weaker my mind gets strong. The mind is brought to conclude the next possible step, but the heart also pulls us in a direction. I am on a rummage of words that slip off my tongue but no apologies from me because I meant what I said and I said what I meant. I love the people but I hate the decisions!


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United States based model, Deyanna Denyse has been trailblazing a path of her own in the field of Art modeling since 2017. Originally a yoga instructor, Deyanna stumbled upon the arts as a form of solace and self discovery during a time of hardship. With the collaboration of others artists such as Kevin Williams, Euguen Bryd, and many photographers, she is expanding the narrative of Art modeling in the African American diaspora. Using herself as the muse, photography and videography has been the medium of choice. Published in Vogue Italia, Iconic Artist Magazine and featured in many Art Exhibitions; she has been seen across the globe. Interviews by Studio Noize podcast and Voyage Atlanta( among other platforms) Deyanna has had the opportunity to share her story and passion to inspire others to follow a dream of their own. Although Art modeling has been the main focus, Deyanna wear many hats in the creative realm. As a creative director, she has also created mind boggling visulas with intentions to shift the masses into higher levels of consciousness. Balancing work and play, Deyanna find herself lost in poetry, yoga and cooking vegan meals for family and friends.

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