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Empowering Books Written by Women of Color

Women’s History Month brings women and their power to the forefront of society. These four empowering books written by women of color show the power of females.

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Women have worked tirelessly to have their voices heard in a male-run society. Through tests and trials, they have pushed their voices to the forefront, shedding light on the injustices constantly thrust against them.

Women’s History Month applauds these successes.

The month of March is a time to celebrate all that women have accomplished thus far. Yet it is also time to focus on the women’s movements that many are still fighting for.

The way that women go about making sure the world hears their voices and opinions varies. Whether it’s marching, speaking, dancing—there are many ways for women to express their thoughts. More and more women are going about that by writing poems, essays, short stories, and fiction; women are using the pen-to-paper technique to shed light on thoughts, opinions, and injustices.

During March there are numerous female authors who release books. Some of these empowering books written by women of color are focusing on or include current themes found in society today. These authors use their books to demonstrate how impactful words are for gathering support and creating solidarity.

Empowering Books Written by Women of Color March 2019

A Woman is No Man

Etaf Rum’s novel, A Woman Is No Man, focuses on arranged marriage and how that severely affects a young woman’s self-worth. The bravery shown by the female characters leaves something for women across the world to latch onto.

Long Live the Tribe of Fearless Girls

Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls, written by T Kira Madden, is a raw debut memoir about her life as a queer and biracial teenager living in the privileged and racially tense Boca Raton, Florida. Honesty and compassion rip through the pages—and with no apology for it either.


Another novel that has intense ties to the present climate of the United States is Internment by Samira Ahmed. Set in the near future United States, this novel follows a girl and her parents as officials force them into an internment camp for Muslim American citizens.

Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations

This is a bold and wry graphic novel that talks about identity, interracial families, and division—all in the form of questions. These questions are ones many found themselves asking during the 2016 election; specifically, the racial climate of the country is talked of with an odd, but necessary, intimacy.

These books all share a common theme—strong women; women who do not give up even with adversity consistently thrust upon them. Whether it’s books that focus on celebrities and their feminist standpoints (think Beyoncé) or high fiction novels that show the courage and strength of women, there is much to learn from these characters.

Courage is resilient—standing up for what you believe in is of the utmost importance. Without that, where would Women’s History Month be?

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