Elevate 8 Health Gives the Community What it Needs Through Earth Intelligent Alkaline Spring Water

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Water is vital to our well-being. We can go days without food, but our bodies need water daily. But with so many water choices out there, what brands are really right for us? What brands eliminate fluoride, since it’s supposed to be damaging to our health?

Many decades after fluoride was first added to drinking water in some parts of the United States, there is still controversy about the possible health effects of drinking water fluoridation. Many people have strong views either for or against water fluoridation. Their concerns are based on everything from legitimate scientific research, to freedom of choice issues, to government conspiracy theories.

However, there is natural, spring based water out there that does not have any added chemicals in it. Elevate 8 Health (E8H) provides highly customized subscriptions of local and fresh naturally alkaline spring water. With unique products and services designed with you in mind, they can ensure you will find a solution that fits you best!

I recently interviewed the founder of E8H, where she chatted more about the inspiration behind the brand.

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself and your upbringing?

My name is Lauren. I am the founder of Elevate ♾ Health. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I graduated from Georgia State University and have always tasted the differences between water. 

Growing up and still to this day, who are your inspirations/mentors? How did they impact your life?

Oprah and Beyoncé. They always have my back at my lowest moments, by utilizing the power of their platforms to touch other Queens, and inspire them to walk in their destiny, like me.

When did you realize your passion for natural health/self care? 

It started back in college when I studied a lot about health and did a lot of test on my body. I did this really out of curiosity, but it also ensured what was being said about certain foods were actually happening to my body. 

How did you discover the natural alkaline water spring? 

I have a family friend who owns a spring in North Georgia. I tested it out for many years before I put the water on the market. I have always been searching for the best water to quench my thirst. I am very finicky when it comes to water, as I know the importance of it when it comes to your bodily functions. I love being able to deliver local and fresh water to Atlanta customers straight from the North Georgia mountains. It feels right to drink water from sources closest to you!

After initial discovery of the spring how many tests did you have to run to get the mineral properties of the water? What tests did y’all have to run to get the initial mineral counts?

We have an FDA approved facility that the water is pumped into from our confined aquifer. We have our water quality reports on our website at www.elevate8health.com. If you would like more information you can email us at info@elevate8health.com.

What influenced y’all to start a new spring water company in an already crowded sector/field?

Honestly, it’s not as crowded as you think. There are “levels” to spring water. Most spring waters on the market are purified and filtered before entering your body a.k.a. acidic water.  Elevate ♾ Health water goes from a confined aquifer, through UV lights to test for any contaminants, and into the bottle before entering your body. We do no filtration and UV lights purify the water. We’re technically confined aquifer water, not spring water. We just keep it simple and label ourselves a spring water. 

How long did the testing process take and last before the bottling process finally began?

This spring has been running for centuries. The water has minerals naturally dissolved into it. The shelf life is for over a year. 

Can you tell us about the company Elevate & Health and the goals you have set for the company and it’s impact on society?

Elevate ♾ Health is a Health and Wellness company that is on a mission to balance mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional states through body intelligent products and services. Our first goal is to hydrate our home state, Georgia!

What are the bottle sizes, packages, and refill guidelines?

We have 16.9 fl oz bottles and 5 gallons. We also wholesale and private label for all occasions. Our 16.9 fl oz bottles are sold in 24 pack cases for $24. Our 5 gallons are sold at a one time starter jug activation fee of $30. When you would like more water in your 5 gallon, you can order a refill for $12. All deliveries are $5 for a 20 mile radius from zip code 30303. Each additional 20 miles out of the zip code 30303, will be an additional $5. For wholesale and private labeling inquiries, please email us at info@elevate8health.com ATTN: Wholesale or Private Label.

How important is it for people to drink natural alkaline water as compared to tap and regular spring water?

It is crucial! Most water on the market is acidic. Acid in the body creates an environment for diseases to form, contributing to early aging and shortened life spans. 

Drinking alkaline spring water that is natural from the earth is so important because your blood ranges from 7.3-7.5 pH. Not to mention, your body is made up of over 75 percent water, so you always need to have naturally alkaline spring water keeping your cells hydrated to create and maintain an environment conducive to live and to keep diseases away. 

What great words of wisdom and advice can you offer our readers and future entrepreneurs?

Do something that compliments you! Always chase your dreams and never follow the crowd! Do you! Be you! Let your light shine through you, then everyone will want to be like you! You are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you!

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