Does Having Fame and Money really let you get away with anything?

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Some people would rather be famous so they can leave their mark on the world. In contrast, others would rather have wealth so they and their families can live comfortably. But both of these are frequently used as an invitation to act up without worrying about consequences. If you ask some people if they prefer to have money or fame, most people would say the money because fame comes with too many issues. This includes the loss of privacy and possible defamation to your reputation. The thought of being famous because of an accumulated amount of wealth does not seem to faze too many people.

You can be famous and completely broke, so could you still get away with anything? Can a wealthy unknown have the tables turned in his/her favor if he/she offers a hefty bribe?

“It depends. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. It can work for their benefit when they can just pay their way out of trouble, but depending on the case, that doesn’t always work,” says J’ Sacorie Washington, a senior at Clark Atlanta University.

The accumulation of fame money is said to change people, oftentimes for the worse. Newly acquired wealth gives people that sense of entitlement over others, simply because they feel they can bail themselves out of trouble. Most people cannot rely on social status to allow themselves to break the law, while others are high off of having that so called edge over people because of their name and money.

“I do think that a lot of celebrities feel that their social status is enough to give them the right to do anything they want without the repercussions, simply because they are famous,” says Jasmine Lowe, another senior at Clark Atlanta University.

On a different note, having fame and money makes people more vulnerable to the public eye. They have to beware of the people they talk to, and constant worry about their privacy being violated. Fame and money can attract the fake, the deceitful, and the users. Like Biggie said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems!”

Wealth deteriorates over time, and a person’s name can easily be defamed if people are not careful about their actions. Watch what you do, because you never know what the outcome might be.

Ashley Jackson
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Ashley Jackson is a 2012 graduate of Clark Atlanta University where she majored in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism. She is originally from Marietta, Georgia and is a 2008 alumni of R L Osborne High School. Currently she is an Editorial Intern at Rolling Out Magazine in Atlanta, GA.

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