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In my continued exploration of the fashion industry here in the metro Detroit area, I think it’s time that we look at some of the talented designers here in Detroit.  When we talk about designers, one must take a close look at what is the definition of a designer. Is it one who purchases  clothing that has already been manufactured and then put a their name label on it and claim it as their design, or is it a person who conceives an idea in their mind and then from scratch build that concept into a piece of clothing that is made with pain stacking care.  I would venture to say that the latter is the true meaning of a designer, and I think I’ve found one that is truly striving to make an impact on the fashion scene here in Detroit.

So with that said, let me introduce you to the Designer Of The Month Mariella Adamor.  This up and coming designer is quickly making her name know in circles around the metro Detroit with her unique and innovative designs.


  • Bachelors of Arts degree in Fashion Design from The International Academy of Design and Technology, Detroit (2011)

  • Participated in the “Go Red For Women” event with a Half-scale red dress which is showcased toured Metro Detroit for a yr., and the full Scale version for the runway. Also Showcased at the Michigan International Women’s show in Novi, MI. Displayed for a crowd of 30,000 people.

  • Created a Heart Couture Original Gown for MGM Grand Detroit & Casino, for the American Heart Association in 2011. For a crowd of 750 women.

  • Created several Doll fashion garments for Charity: “Good fellows,” created for children with low income.

  • Designed garments for an Open House showcase for IADT Detroit.

  • Designed & constructed a collection for: Imagine Fashion Show at the Detroit Masonic Temple in 2009

  • Designed & constructed a collection for: Imagine Fashion Show at Detroit Fox theatre in 2010

  • Designed & constructed a collection for: Imagine Fashion Show at the Royal Oak Music Theater in 2011

  • Her Red Dress Design is published in the summer 2011 Issue of ARTISTIC.

  • Designed & constructed a collection for: STRUT fashion show (For cancer awareness) 8-25-11 St. Andrews hall, Detroit, MI

I had an opportunity to not only sit down and talk with Ms. Adamor, but also visit her at place where she creates hers designs, and also see her creations displayed on the runway.

Something to know about Mariella. She grew up amongst lawyers within her family, in the Latin American nation of Honduras. A graduate of Pioneer high school. This very talented and humble designer spoke openly about her inspiration and thoughts about the fashion industry as it pertains to the Detroit.

Can you tell me a little be about what inspired you to begin you’re designing career.

Growing up me always found a “Dress Stimuli” with all the visual images around me, such in photographs, Illustrations, film, and video. My mom seasoned that love for clothing construction, and fashion fabrics at an early age. Without even knowing it. She would create garments for me and my siblings, and I always thought that it was such a privilege. It was the idea of having a treasure that no one else could have.

Who or what is you greatest source of inspiration when it comes to your designs?

My inspiration comes from the true beauty of a woman. The garments I create are innovative, edgy, with an original avant-garde style. Celebrating and catering that woman’s self-Image. My design style highlights my forward-looking entity, and my true love for Couture fashion.

Can you tell me what you think sets you apart from all the other designers in the metro Detroit area and for that matter those across the country?

I hate competition; I’m humbled to be a part of the undiscovered talent, which the fashion industry in the Metro Detroit has to offer. Nevertheless, I set my self apart, by the high level of dedication that I have. My designs are innovative, and they have detailed elements that are stamped into each garment.

In your opinion why hasn’t the Detroit fashion scene, equaled that of New York, Chicago, and LA?

Metro Detroit is full of talented people that live and breathe fashion like me, waiting behind the scenes ready to make their Primetime breakthrough. And is only a matter of time. I truly believe that one person can make a difference, but it takes a village to make it better. If we continue to collaborate and support one another with our talents, only then, we can input our contribution and love for fashion with the world.

What impact do you think you can make on the fashion industry, and do you believe you can help elevate Detroit to a prominent place in the fashion world?

To make an impact in the fashion industry, one must be true to our personal vision. And never compromise that for anything. Creative fashion is all about identity, total emotion, and self-expression. I focus on garments that display a strong presence, for that woman who is “someone” not just “anyone”.

Thanks to Ms. Adamor for her candid answers and for allowing us into her world. 


  • Calvin McDaniel is the Husband of 29 years to Cynthia McDaniel & Father of Calvin McDaniel Jr and Matthew McDaniel. He is a Photography student at Oakland County College in Royal Oak, MI. He has been a life long resident in the Metro Detroit area. Born and raised in City of Detroit and educated in the Detroit Public School system. He has been self employed for over the last 15 years, first running a Landscaping business and now operating a Photography/Videography Business (CC Photography Enterprise LLC). He is currently pursuing a degree in photography.

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