Democrats Abandoned the Black Lives Matter Movement in Favor of Undocumented Border Crossers

Democrats abandoned the Black Lives Matter Movement and Prioritized Immigrants’ Rights. They search for a new” Victim Base” to exploit.

Eric Garner has received little more than tweets from American politicians while many have taken trips to the border. We agree that immigrants deserve fair treatment, however, there should be concern and urgency for the people who built this country for free. The fight for the rights of Black people has been a continuous struggle for four centuries and counting.

As Black Lives Matter Greater NY travels from New York City to the Department of Justice in Washington DC today to demand prosecution before the statute of limitations for the federal government to prosecute NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo expires on Wednesday, July 17th we ask the question. Why are Democrats and Republicans ignoring this death? 

In 2014, we all watched in horror as Eric Garner was choked while screaming “I can’t breathe,” 11 times. Proud progressive Mayor Bill DeBlasio waited 5 years before commencing an internal trial. All the while, the officer kept his job. You do not have to be anti-cop to be pro-police accountability. The officer acted with Malice and we can all agree on this. He should not have freedom and he should not have a job.

I ask you one question, if an immigrant at the border was choked to death lby ICE Agents, what would politicians be doing now? Why are they not doing this for Eric Garner?

Source: Department of Justice


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