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Debonair Beard Co. Supplies Organic Grooming Supplies, Oils for Black Men

Black men have more sensitive skin than other races, which is why it is important for us to find the right skin care products.

Debonair Beard Co. was birthed by Correy Miller. The company provides 100% organic beard oils, butters, balms, washes and more. Each product is handmade for men who take pride in being well-groomed.

I recently interviewed Mr. Miller where he chatted more on his inspirations behind the product. Check it out below.

Can you tell myself and the readers about yourself and your brand?

My name is Correy Miller and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I am a proud single father of one beautiful daughter. I love sports and over the last few years have become addicted to shows about business, like Shark Tank and The Profit. I feel like visually seeing a person pitch their business ideas and/or run a business can only help me more when it’s my time.  Debonair Beard Co. was originally a spin off another business I had, Camyri’s Creations but the way it was received and supported made it a business I eventually had to go all in with it.

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?

My Grandmother probably had the biggest impact on me growing up. She instilled values of working hard, being fearless, and also showed me how to have compassion and treat people with respect. Those core things have took me far and enabled me to do things that I would have otherwise not even attempted. Growing up in low income housing project, you would think was a bad situation but because of my Grandmother, I wouldn’t change a thing. She showed me how to take a little and make a lot. The way people of all classes and from all over respected her taught me that no matter where you are from, if you do right by people, keep your word, and live with great morals, you can make a real impact.

 Correy Miller
Correy Miller

When did you realize you had the passion for entrepreneurship?

I’ve always been a hustler, making money for myself started early. I mean growing up the way I did with limited funds, you had to find other ways to make extra money. I remember my friends and I walking to gas stations pumping gas for the customers of those establishments for money. I have bought candy from store only to resell at school. I’ve bootlegged cds and DVDs, and plenty of other hustles while I was young.

I mean I have had great corporate jobs but I’ve never been someone that thought I would work for a company 30 or 40 years and retire off into the sunset. My mindset has always been that of running my own business and then putting my friends on and we all make it. Why spend my life working hard as hell and making someone else rich when I can learn the job, build my skill set and branch off into my own business. I always knew eventually I’ll be doing my own thing.

What influenced you to start your business Debonair Beard Co.?

Debonair Beard Co. actually started out of a problem I was having with my facial hair. I always wanted to let my beard grow out but it was always a problem due to really bad itching. The products I was buying at the beauty supply didn’t work well so I would always just cut it off and rock my goatee. I began researching different natural ingredients that had great benefits on not only the hair but also the skin and after testing how those ingredients worked with each other, I was able to develop a group of products and my company was born. I started out just giving products away to my ‘potnahs’ to see how they worked on them and what they thought and after the feedback I got back, I just told myself to try it and see. I was already running another business so I added the beard products as an add-on which was received really well and eventually took over.

Can you tell us what goals you had in mind when you started your business?

At first I didn’t really set goals for the business. I just knew that I had a good product that solved a problem and it was needed. However once I really looked at things, I figured I could really have something. The growing of the beard is not a fad, it’s not trendy or any of that. Men have had facial hair as long as I can remember but taking proper care of it has been lacking. With that I now have goals of developing into one the leaders in this niche. With dedication, hard work, and faith I know this goal is attainable. My business started with beard care but the goal now is to provide a experience for men built around total grooming. Beard Care, skin care, SHAVING and much more.

How many products do you currently make and sell? Please name them.

Ok, let’s see. Currently I have products for the beard, skin, and for shaving. For the beard I have beard balm, beard butter, beard hydrating mist, beard oil, and a beard wash. The skincare line consist of a body butter cream, body scrub, body wash, a body spray, and a roll-on body oil cologne. My shaving product line is new and all natural. With it, there is a exfoliating face cleanser, pre-shave oil, shave cream, and aftershave.

What are your current fragrances? Why those specific scents?

We will keep this all about the beards, The fragrance options I have are Chocolate Frappe, Mahogany Teakwood, and Paul Bunyan. I wanted to give different scent profiles for the men but something their women would also like and I think I accomplished that. The Chocolate Frappe is a slick blend of coffee & Swiss chocolate, Mahogany Teakwood is for those masculine men and has a woodsy scent profile while Paul Bunyan is sweet. A delicious scent that can get you are up like a Cinnabon lol.

You use 100% organic ingredients, so what are some of the benefits compared to the non organic?

I simply chose the ORGANIC route with my products because I wanted to know exactly what I was putting in my hair and on my body. I wanted to be able to actually look up the benefits of each ingredient. Adding chemicals to products or using ingredients that could be harmful to people was just not on my agenda. I wanted to simplify things and make it easy for those purchasing my products.

What are some upcoming events, dates, new items, or new fragrances can we expect to see from you?

Right now the only events for Debonair Beard Co are local markets and vendor show opportunities that will allow me to introduce my brand to more people. As far as new items I haven’t quite decided yet. I will be introducing apparel for my brand as well as accessories like brushes and straight edge razors in the future. There also may be new beard care scents added.

What great words of wisdom and advice can you offer our readers?

Believe in yourself and pursue your passion. If you are passionate about something, pursue that as a career or start your own business around it. Doing that will keep you going through the rough patches. Also don’t chase the money. Chasing fast cash can lead you to doing things you really have no passion for and the first hard time you come across you’ll quit.

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