Dating Gripes That Just Make It Overrated

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It’s the summer time and while some of us get to enjoy the warmer activities and trips with our beaus, for the singles that are craving or waiting for their “soulmate” the summer can be a time of either “pimping” or dreadfulness.

Some singles take the summer as a time to hang out with their friends and family and to live life to the fullest and if love comes it comes and if it doesn’t then they’re still satisfied. However, there are those out there who take the season as one to play their cards and to see if they can make that “summer time fling” and “permanent deal”.

So, for those that are mackin’ and lookin’ or maybe just “looking” I wanted to know what their biggest gripes about the whole dating scene is for 2017. One of our affiliates with who is the founder of Exclusive Standards, a premier dating site for professionals, did a survey via Facebook on what people hate most on the dating process and some of the answers were very interesting. Check them out below:

  • The Lies and Games. We can understand this one, especially if someone is out there dating several people at once, but doesn’t make it clear to the other person that they are “casually dating” or just having fun at the moment and seeing what happens. Both parties should be on the same page and know what the other is about before proceeding in the process.
  • Ghosting. This one is true and is the number one thing that happens in just about every dating situation. You meet someone and everything seems to be going cool, and then you never hear from them again until out of the blue, months to years later when now you’re already in a good relationship. There doesn’t seem to be a courtesy rule in dating to where if you end up meeting someone else, that you give whomever you were dealing with or talking to a heads up.
  • The “on to the next” mentality. Everyone is disposable. Some may think “Why put in the work with this person when u can find something easier on the next swipe?” If that statement isn’t as real as it gets. People, well MEN, men don’t like to chase the WOMAN anymore, If she is too hard to get, then he rather go with what’s easy.
  • Lack of verbal communication. This another good point. People are so prone to texting and DM’ing that it’s making them anti-social or when they do get on the phone now they don’t know what to say because they are so used to texting on the go verses actually having a real conversation with someone. Anyone can text, but you never know if the person is real unless you hear his/her voice.
  • Having to do the process over again. So you met someone, made things exclusive, and now things don’t work out. For some that seem to keep making the same mistake of finding the wrong one, it can be tiring. When this happens, it is a sign that you need to slow things down, take some time out for you to figure what it is that you want and need in a mate and then go from there. Oh, and paying attention to any red flags is crucial. Those can always be spotted before things get too serious.

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