Dating 101: Rules of Casual Dating

When most people think of the word dating, they either think of “talking to someone,” commitment, or serious relationships. They probably don’t think about the term “casually dating,” some people may even ask what that means when a guy or girl say’s that they are just casually dating at the moment.

So what exactly is casual dating? To casually date someone means that you are still single and that you see and go out on a date with whomever you choose. You are not committed to just one person. You are having fun, mingling, and seeing what’s out there.

However, some people, especially young people in their 20’s will often get the term casually dating mixed up with “hooking up.” Hooking up is something totally different from casual dating. So let me break down the rules of casual dating.

1. Establish a friendship with the other person. Casual dating is all about getting to know people. In order to possibly have a successful relationship with someone in the future, you HAVE to have a friendship with them. This also allows you to see how well you and the other person click and if the two of you would be compatible with one another.

2. Avoid “hooking up” at all costs. It is NEVER okay to sleep with someone on the first date or if you barelyknow them. If you just want to have fun being single and to “explore” all of what’s out there, but you’re not looking for something serious in the future, then casual dating is not for you. As soon as you give it up without following through with step 1, your chances of having a successful relationship with that person are slim. I’m not saying that it can’t happen, but nine times out of 10, it won’t last.

3. Remember to HAVE FUN! Casual dating is supposed to be fun. If you know you can have fun with a person then you know that you could probably see yourself having more than just a friendship with the person. If the guy or girl is a total dud, then it’s on to the next one. Hey you can easily do that when you’re casually dating. You can go out with Trey on Sunday, Marvin on Monday, Larry on Tuesday, etc, as long as you don’t tell one about the other or you made it clear upon meeting each other that you are just casually dating for the moment.

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