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Round and round and round I go. Where this stops, seems like no one knows. Dizzy from spinning, still in the same place, I’d give anything if I could be in a different space.

Do you ever feel like you just want to scream until you have no voice? Life’s cycles makes it seem as though you have no choice.

Why am I so afraid to let go? Life spirals out of control, feel nothing but pain in my soul!

Once again, you let them in. The tug and pull it does not end. Is there something that you can recommend to help me break this cycle friend? Praying for protection in seasons of depression. Each and every day I’m searching for something that I can trust in.

We’re at each other again….the same ole differences…they send, me into a tailspin I cannot stop. Sooo much frustration, I think I might pop! I can’t pretend to understand your side of things, but have I ever tried? In the eye of this cyclical storm…damage can’t be denied. I screamin’ for peace, and tranquility is what I’m dreamin’. At some point I need to figure out the underlying meaning.

I’ve seen friends come and I’ve seen them go. My life is filled with highs and lows. A friendship that will stick, no one seems to know, just wish this pain would let me go! My heart is always open even if pain is inevitable. No matter what I go through my character is still credible.

Will healing come to repair the damage to my soul? I’m running outta time with no where to go. Feels like I’ve been here before, these feelings of loneliness and emptiness I can’t ignore. Caught up in this cycle once again….where will it lead to, does it end? A lesson to learn here, of what I’m not quite clear. Will this time end well? On this question I will not dwell!

Roller coasters, they go up and then come down. I need to get off of this merry go round! The turbulence from this cycle is too hard to take. Familiarity breeds contempt, so hard to shake.

Work on me Lord, to feel more complete. Help me to claim victory, instead of defeat.

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C.K. McGhee, is a socially conscious individual concerned with issues of racial and social injustice, currently plaguing people of color, specifically; those within the African American community. She is also an advocate for mental health awareness; interested in the de-stigmatization of mental illness. Her goal is to create an atmosphere where people who are battling mental illness, will find the courage to seek proper medical attention and support, so that they can live their best lives. Her catch phrase, "Here's to brighter days", ends each of her posts, signaling her optimism that there will in fact, be brighter days ahead for those shamed into silence by the stigma of mental illness.

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