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 When see a child running around with no worries, laughing and smiling, as adults we sit back and smile our selves and just reminisce how life was when we were that age and how we couldn’t wait to grow up so bad, until we hit the age of 18. When we hit 18, our lives started to make a significant switch…we now had more responsibilities which would slowly add up as each year passed and each milestone would be celebrated. Now we wish were kids again so that we can have that amount of energy back, and honestly this is what holds many adults back from succeeding their goals.

“I’m tried.”

That is the number one excuse that hinders us from accomplishing those things that we long to achieve. In order to achieve, we must stop with the excuses and start to think optimistically. Here are a few steps that will assist us in succeeding and avoiding the excuses:

Stop the blame. Stop blaming others or certain circumstances for not achieving certain goals. Many will say, “Well I started a family early and I need to put me on pause and put the family first”. That is half true, yes put your family first, but do not forget about you. Many times families fall apart because the ‘mother’ does not take any time for herself. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, that is your time to do what you like to do. Plus, there are so many SUPER MOMS and SUPER DADS out there who balance both perfectly fine and it works. So if they can do it, then why can’t you? Cut the blame.

Stop wasting time. Our time is valuable which means that we can’t waste it on things that don’t matter. Write down your goals and look at each day so that when you get some extra time you can work on those. Stop looking at the TV or playing that video game because it’s not going to get you anywhere. Those people in those reality shows made their dreams come true of getting their “15 minutes” of fame, now get off your tail and make your dreams a reality. You must put in the work to see the results.

Stop doubting yourself. Don’t let that negative voice in your head tell you that you can’t do it and stop feeding into what the nay-sayers say. There are going to be those that believe in you and those that do not want to see you succeed. You must always believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will and you will not succeed.

If you fail, see what you can do better the next time, and try again. Always ask yourself what you can do better the next time. Every successful person has failed at least once to a several times. The more you keep trying to perfect your goal, the closer you get to achieving it.

Do what you love. Take time to do things that fuel your passion. Remember that extra time that we talked about, use that time fulfill your passion. If you are an aspiring Journalist, network with others who have the experience, start your blog and research on people to interview for your blog, and make sure to start a Facebook page for it to start and increase your following. First thing first, pick the topic (s) that your interested in, determine your target audience, pick a unique name and slogan for your blog, and see what the “competition” is doing to give you ideas.

Apologize for your negative attitude. When you give excuse after excuse, you may have appeared to be negative to others, especially those that you love and care for dearly. Check your attitude and do an adjustment and apologize to those that you may have hurt.

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Naomi K. Bonman is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University where she holds her Bachelors of Arts in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Journalism. She also holds her Masters of Public Administration. She is the Founder and CEO of Awakened Media Enterprises, Inc. which owns Purposely Awakened. She has been in the media field since 2006 covering beats that range from social justice, community, entertainment, sports, fashion/beauty, and culture news.

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