Cost Effective Summer Date Ideas

The summer time is officially here which means vacation time and more time with your significant other. For most, this summer may be one where funds are limited for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean that the two of you have to sit in the house and stare at each other. It’s the summer and there are plenty of events going on that will not break the bank—and some are free.

  1. Picnic in the park. The summer is the perfect time to stake out that park that the two of you always pass by and wonder about. The trees provide plenty of shade where you can lay out a blanket underneath, and that lake—it just sets everything off. Plus, if they have paddle boats that adds another dose of fun to a romantic, day date. Don’t forget the picnic basket with your favorite snacks, and maybe a glass of wine or cider for those that prefer non-alcohol beverages.

  2. A day at the beach. The summer wouldn’t be complete without a beach trip or two. It’s always nice to lay out in the summer sun on the beach sands with your ‘bae (babe). As it starts to cool down, the two of you can walk the boardwalk and watch the sunset, romantic right? Just don’t forget your sun block.

  3. Music in the park. During the summer, several parks provide free music concerts of every genre. These are great to bring out her lawn chairs, blankets and ice chests and just listen and dance to your favorite tunes with your favorite person.

  4. Museums. These are usually free of charge, some may charge a small fee depending on what type of museum it is (wax, aquarium). It is always fun to learn new things with that special someone.

  5. City festivals. The summer time also brings plenty of festivals with food, vendors, and other activities. Plus, if you have kids or one of you has a kid, make it a family date and bring them along. Everyone can have a little fun and no one is left out.

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