Conversations with Artistic and Global Icon Fabiano Neguin

The world of sports, music and just overall artistic endeavors as the ability to take one’s career to further heights with the right recognition and connections. I was excited to interview Fabiano Neguin where he chatted about his endeavors as an artist in a variety of different realms.

The Empress Dee: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what it is that you do?

Fabiano: It is hard to talk about myself (he laughs) I am an artist. I do martial arts, I started a Brazilian Holistic Martial Arts called, Capoeira when I was 3 years-old so after 10 years of practicing Capoeira, I got into “Breaking” which is one of the elements of the Hip Hop culture and from there I do many different styles of dance and martial arts, including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. So, basically what I do is a collective approach from martial arts, dance and so many different things from around the world because I have been traveling to over 139 countries in the past 2-3 years.

The Empress Dee: That is amazing! It is very astonishing to hear that. I know that you just made a short video called “To Be” and it was inspired by all the many protests that are going on in your country and around the world. Can you us more about that?

Fabiano: The video came into existence because it is not just what is happening with the protests in America or Brazil, I think that it is a world-wide issue that we have to face for generations. So, it came into existence because I was like you know what…through Covid-19, this hard time…I may not travel but I still need to do something meaningful…so what can I do? So, the video came to my mind and I thought that I would put something together that relates to everything that we are facing right now. The video is also about nature so that people could think about climate change and some other issues and then of course the Black Lives Matter Movement, the video also has spoken word and there is a message behind it. It was basically me just trying to do my part to bring awareness to many different platforms.

The Empress Dee: Did you experience a lot of emotionally heightened moments during the production of the video?

Fabiano: I feel like I am prepared for anything that comes my way. I was educated in Capoeira that is you knowing that there are a lot of hard times to come and there are a lot of beautiful moments to come so when you are able to embrace losing something, winning…it is the mentality as well…you make everything positive. So, for me I take something that is so complex and difficult and think about how I can make it positive, I think that is what comes first…positivity.

The Empress Dee: With “To Be”, what is it that you want people to think, see and feel while they are watching the video?

Fabiano: For me, the goal was to reach out to as many people as I could, so the dance community can feel like it is something that they can relate to, or the acting community can relate seeing it as a beautiful short film. So, I think that as long as everybody is watching it is going to feel a certain way and I think that is the message, trying to reach out to as many people as I can so that they can gain an experience out of it and help to make this world a better world.

The Empress Dee: So with everything that is going on with climate change, corruption, and things like that that are going on in society right now, when did you start feeling like, I have to do something?

Fabiano: Since the day that I was born. I feel like my mission is to be somebody who inspires others, maybe if it is just one person…maybe if I did a backflip here and then inspired this little kid that is watching, I could change his life forever. Because he will remember that when he was a little kid, this guy did a flip in front of him, I have never forgotten and now I am able to flip as well. So when you inspire one person, you can inspire 100, 1000, a million and it goes on. So I think that when you can do something positive to inspire the people, that is the goal and that is how we can be better.

The Empress Dee: Do you feel like that is a heavy weight to carry for you?

Fabiano: No, because the heavy weight was carried by my ancestors, they did the hard work, so this is easy for us. For me, it’s like look I am talking to you in front of a computer, I am sitting here and there is a lot of people who have it a lot harder than us…Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and so on and before them. I think that during this time in 2020, I am just one person who trying to do their part.

The Empress Dee: I know that during this time there are a lot of people, especially Black people who are going through these negative events in history and a lot of them are starting to come to this place of losing hope, what advice would you give to them?

Fabiano:  Never lose hope. Hope is everything that we have. It can be a dangerous thing but that is what we have. If we do not have the cure for cancer, we hope that in my lifetime that we will be able to see that…in a manner of speaking. Be hopeful, no matter what because it generates positive energy and then things can get better, so it gravitates towards the energy. Some might ask, what is hope? What is the definition of that word by itself…you know? I think that when you do something positive and with a higher level of vibration it can become something positive in your life as well as in other people’s lives too.

The Empress Dee:  What keeps you motivated and inspired and hopeful during this time of uncertainty?

Fabiano: Being active (he laughs) no matter what. If I am able to go into nature and climb a tree and just be able to receive the energy from the sun, this is something that is so important for me and my mental health, so I stay active. You know I train and even if it is hard and I cannot do my Jiu-Jitsu training because the gym is closed but I roll around in my house being active or reading books. I think that is the best way for you to stay positive and to stay sane.

The Empress Dee: It is so funny that you mention nature because I was going to ask you this, I noticed from your Instagram that you do a lot of traveling and that you connect with these different animals and so what does that connection do for you?

Fabiano: Yeah nature comes first, especially being Brazilian, we are so into nature and there is nature everywhere you go here and when you are in tune with nature, you are in tune with the universe and there is no other way. If you are sick and you study nature you can understand the medicine that is available there. It could be ayahuasca from the Shamans. It could be a simple tea that…because your stomach could be messed up today. The way that you observe the birds and the way that they behave, the way that they sing, the way that they shine their feathers. When you look at nature you look deep into yourself because you are a part of nature. The thing about us it is like we are disconnected, we walk on the concrete all day, we do not lay down on the grass, we do not walk around barefoot and then you realize that you are lacking Vitamin D, I’m sick and I spend a lot of money on this and that but you are not getting your electromagnetic fuel aligned with nature. Nature is healing, it is everything.

The Empress Dee: I agree, and it is so funny that you mentioned that because a lot of people are into vitamin supplements and things like that but if you are eating the right foods then you are going to get those vitamins and those anti-oxidants, so I completely agree with that. Your life from what I can see on Instagram looks to be an extraordinary journey, like I mentioned before you do a lot of traveling, you are a DJ, you speak your truth…so what part of your journey has been the best?

Fabiano: That is a good question. I think that the journey is to be able to appreciate everything. Everything that comes my way I take advantage of. Because I live like there is no future in a way. I take the moment, if I am able to be here right now…my experience, I know that I live it to the fullest. I do not waste time because life is precious, and you do not know when you are going to go to the afterlife, so I want to take advantage of everything that comes my way and especially something that makes me happy.

The Empress Dee: What advice would you give to someone who is seeking clarity on “the now” because I know with many of us, we either live in the past or we live in the future. We are so focused on these things that we are not able to gain clarity on what is happening now. So what advice would you give to those people?

Fabiano: Life is a lesson, if you learn something from the past…it could be something positive, it could be a trauma or whatever, you are going to overcome. Let’s say that you are a fighter and then you go to the UFC and then you lose the fight and then you go home and think, wow I trained the whole year or for years and years and I just lost the battle, somehow from that you will be able to say, you know what I know my mistake and I am going to try to get better…personally, as a fighter, overall.

So, I think that it is just being able to shift your thinking into believing that everything that happens, happens for a reason. You just have to focus on yourself and be present in the moment because at the end of the day, we are all learning. We do not know much about ourselves or much about the other people so we are just constantly learning, questioning yourself…looking to see what you can do to get better.

The Empress Dee: Absolutely, I agree. What are some of your core values right now, and have any of them shifted from your earlier years?

Fabiano: I constantly go back in time. I go back to the past and say, wow when I was a little kid, I used to do this. So what is the difference from 1992 and 2020? I do the same thing, so I am 32 years old, but I feel 12 sometimes…I feel 62, so I just play the game and understand that you have the inner child within yourself and that is pure joy so I live right now as a responsible grown man and at the same time, I am just a little kid exploring this thing, this game or this toy.

The Empress Dee: What advice can you offer those who want to be a part of this movement of uplifting Black people and speaking on different issues in the world, but they are not public speakers, how can they be involved and how can they do their part?

Fabiano: I think that everybody has a voice sometimes there are people who may be a little more shy but every single one has a message and we have the platforms for it. So, if you just look at yourself and say, I have a powerful voice…that is the definition of the “influencer” it is not just a girl taking a selfie of her bootie and she thinks, hey I am an influencer. We all try to influence each other. I think that regardless of race and nationality when you look at yourself and say hey, I have a voice, how can I inspire the world, what can I do better? It just takes one kick start; I think sometimes that people just tend to be shy but once they have tried and they are going to embrace the pace, that is how it is.

It is just like dancing, nowadays it would be like okay let me invite you to dance, you as a woman and me as a man, it would be a gentle thing to do. Now if you do that the person is like oh no I cannot dance unless I have some alcohol so that I can get loose…things change but when you go back to the principle, you are like this used to be thought of as gentle when a guy asked a girl to dance. So, what I am trying to say is that the generation has changed, and the mentality has changed, technology comes, and we start getting disconnected but when you remember how everything has come into existence, it is like wow…you know what I can do that, if my mom used to dance I can dance as well. It is just a state of mind I would say.

The Empress Dee: So do you feel that we need to get back to the origin of things or do you feel as though some things that are coming with the times, we should be adapting to as well?

Fabiano: In hip hop culture we say knowledge of self, so when you look back it is like who am I, am I the so-called dancer, am I a musician, am I this? It tends to always…okay go back to one word what is dance, dance is the first humankind form of expression, therefore we should all be able to do it; with gestures and signs and sounds, you know? Some people study history, anthropology, and science but they are like, I cannot dance. You are studying the concept of dance so can you just express your knowledge…something that you read in the books and you learn and are just able to do it…you are able, you are able to do it.

I think that when you study you understand that there is not much difference from what you know now and what was done a thousand years ago, it all relates to us. That is the evolution of humanity basically.

The Empress Dee: Aside from “To Be” do you have any new projects coming up that we are not aware of?

Fabiano: Right now I am just putting everything into perspective, writing things down and collecting ideas and seeing the flow of how things go. I might have ideas, writing things down but at the same time I am like what is the direction that I want to take this? I am kind of feeling the moment as well in order to create something.

The Empress Dee: Well hopefully we will be able to catch up with you again and we can stay in touch so that we can hear about what you are doing in the future. Thank you so much, I appreciate you for allowing us to do this interview with you. You have been amazing! I wish you the best of luck on all your future ventures.

Fabiano: For sure, thank you so much, I appreciate you.

The Empress Dee: Of course and you have a beautiful day.

Fabiano: You too.

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Destinee (The Empress Dee) Porter is a Restorative Justice Facilitator for Sexton High School in Lansing, MI. She is also the CEO of Empress Training Inc. which, educates young African American women about their African Lineage promoting self-love, divine femininity, and the expression of knowledge and grace. In the near future she aspires to become a Life Coach and Therapist for young men and women of color.

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