Civil Rights Activists Call for Accountability and Transparency in Dallas Policing

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“We are deeply saddened by the death of Joshua Brown and hope appropriate actions are taken so that justice is served. In addition, we support our Dallas-based partners who are working to ensure that the newly formed Community Police Oversight Board conducts thorough, fair, and transparent police investigations. The tension between the police and residents at the first CPOB meeting reflects the long-standing demands of Dallas residents to have their voices heard in the processes designed to hold the department accountable. Fair police processes are vital to co-create public safety and to help repair the breakdown of trust between police and the communities they serve.”


The CPOB and community activists are working to ensure accountability, respect, and public trust between residents and the Dallas Police Department (DPD). The board has the authority to investigate DPD incidents including officer-involved shootings, which empowers the community and improves public safety. The CPOB responsibilities includes:

  • Assist community members in filing a complaint
  • Investigate complaints and critical incidents, such as officer-involved shootings and uses of force
  • Monitor police internal affairs investigations
  • Provide policy recommendations to the chief of police, mayor, and city council
  • Engage the community during local events and meetings

In March 2019, The Leadership Conference’s sister organization, The Leadership Conference Education Fund, launched the New Era of Public Safety: A Guide to Fair, Safe, and Effective Community Policing initiative and report to help build trust between communities and police departments, restore confidence, and reimagine a new paradigm of public safety. The Education Fund named Dallas, Texas and Minneapolis, Minnesota as inaugural jurisdictions to implement “New Era” recommendations. These pilot projects will provide local advocacy and strategic partnerships for organizations and activists to implement best policing practices through issue-centered campaigns. 

View the report here.

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