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Christian Psychologist Dominic Herbst Launches Program to Help People Heal From Toxic Relationships to Move Towards Freedom

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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]eaded by the caring and passionate leadership, Dominic Herbst of Restoring Relationships, a leading ministry based in Pennsylvania that helps people break the cycle of negative thinking within their relationships.

Herbst has healed literally thousands of relationships over the span of his 30-year career not only with partners, but also those with children, siblings and business partners all of which attract damaging patterns of behavior. He has witnessed people at the brink of hopelessness ready to throw the towel in and walk away from marriages and even children because they could not see past the pain.
Such misery impacts society and what drives the founder of Restoring Relationships is not only healing individual souls but also wider society by drawing more Godliness down to earth. The concept of bringing God along for the journey is what inspired Herbst and his team to create the “The Journey” program as a way of healing the souls of those feeling such hopelessness.
Supported by Action Based Christian Counseling methods, this unique program effectively holds the hands of the receiver as they “walk through” the program with the Restoring Relationships counselors alongside them.

“We have made the information and material incredibly easy to access online.” The toolbox of proven Biblical and clinical strategies includes instant access videos, numerous takeaways such as roadmaps to freedom, a companion journal and access to the counselors.

Herbst explains why he named the program The Journey: “Because just as your pain and suffering built up over a period of time, the road back to peace and tranquillity is also a journey – with our careful guidance. By following The Journey we will make this a short path back to redemption so you can get on with loving life and living life to the fullest with both yourself and your family.”

With all his years of experience as a psychologist Herbst says the most common symptom of a damaging relationship is being stuck in a loop of toxic behavior often by both parties: “This growing toxicity in the soul not only makes people bitter and unpleasant to be around but also spills out onto those around you causing conflict within self and in interactions with others.”
By following this tried and tested personal journey through Calvary, Herbst guarantees the receiver will find freedom of heart and soul.The Journey is currently receiving widespread critical acclaim. 

From Reverend John Hagee:

“…the simplest, most direct, and most result-proven curriculum I have ever seen. The change in hearts and lives is immediately evident.”

From Amanda Crabb:

“This ministry is near and dear to our heart. Dominic and his son Joseph are two of the most effective and anointed men in this field. True wisdom and healing flow thru them.”

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