Child Abduction on the Rise…Are your kids’ street smart?

On Friday morning in Orange County, CA, a fourteen-year-old teenage girl on her way to school was stopped by a man who got out of his truck. The man approached the teenager telling her that her parents were hurt in an accident and he was sent to bring her to the hospital. Of course, this was not true, the teenager began to scream and yell so loud that people pulled out of traffic to see what the problem was.  At that point, the unidentified man got in his truck and drove away. Are your kids’ street smart?

This quick thinking by the fourteen-year-old most likely saved her life. There were also 30 reports of a man in a red sports car attempting to abduct children in. Each year according to the U.S. Department of Justice over 750.000 children younger than 18 are reported missing. On an average 2,100 children are reported missing each day. 203, 000 are the victims of family abductions. 59,000 are the victims of non-family abductions while 115 children are abductions and kidnappings that result in harm or death.

Make sure your kids are street smart and no what to do if this happens to them. Never go anywhere with anyone they don’t know well who you have approved to be with them. Always, always resist, make as much noise as possible to attract others, fight if you can. Don’t help anyone find their puppy, locate an address or whatever tricks they come up with. Remember what the person looks like, clothing and other marks. What type or color of the vehicle all these things help the authorities in catching the those involved.

For additional tips you can visit our website or call and visit your local Police Department of FBI   Make sure you kids are street smart.

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