Chi-Raq: Spike Lee’s Motive of Showing the Power of Women x Women’s Empowerment

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We all know how much of a classic that any Spike Lee film in the past has been. It’s like whatever Spike Lee touches, turns into a masterpiece, because he’s just Spike Lee. One thing that I have noticed in some of his films is that he will sometimes put in a hidden message a film that will make you go, “Hmm, I wonder where he was going with this film?” “It’s so different than the average,” and as we all know Spike Lee is definitely not your average Joe. These thoughts were was what went on through mine and boyfriend’s heads as we watched the latest Spike Lee film, Chi-Raq.

From the over of the movie and soundtrack, you know it is going to be a movie about peace, and then because of Spike Lee’s reputation and the fact that the film is about Chicago, those three things alone will persuade someone into watching the movie without seeing an in-depth/extended trailer of the film. Once you watch the film you will see that it digs far deeper into peace within Chicago. Chi-Raq uses peaces to showcase the power that women have over men. It shows how women do not have to conform to men’s standards or what they want, an issue that so many young women today suffer with.

Our young women today crave attention from men and wish so hard to become notice, that instead of being themselves and holding on to their values, they put on a mask and show off their bodies and are so easy to give the “cookies” away that they lose sense of their values. This movie helps women to tap back into holding on to their values as you really dig deeper into the purpose of the movie.

Now of course every movie can be exaggerated a little bit. Do I believe that women have the power over men to stop them from gang violence and killing one another? No, I don’t believe the power goes that far. In order to stop the gang violence within the communities, the Black community has to step up and come together and support each other in our businesses, but until then the killing will continue to go on until the mindset of those doing the black-on-black killings change.

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