Celebrity Manager Andria Berry Creates Foundation to Help Parents of Children Striving for Stardom

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From the outside looking in, Andria Mayberry is just the former manager and mom to Empire star, Bryshere Gray who plays Hakim on the hit series. But Andria, otherwise known as Ms. Berry is more than just a celebrity mom—she is a heavyweight in her own ring with a message to share.

Berry recently started her foundation, Ms. Berry Cares which provides resources and empowerment to parents of children striving for stardom. By understanding and witnessing the journey she went through with her son, Berry is very fitting with providing resources to parents who may be managing their children’s career.

“My calling is to empower and encourage the parents to stay involved in the dreams of their children,” Berry said.

Alongside with starting her own foundation, Berry is also an accomplished author. In her debut book, Before Empire: Raising Bryshere ‘Yazz The Greatest’ Gray. In her book, Berry chronicles the ups and downs of being a single mother in Philadelphia raising her children including Gray who would go on to becoming an overnight sensation in both music and in acting.

Alongside writing about the struggles of being a single mother, Berry also chronicles her advocation for the disorder, in which her son suffered, ADHD.

“I feel its important for parents to educate themselves on their child’s disorder. This will allow them to be better advocates for their children,” said Berry.

The overall mission of the Ms. Berry Cares foundation is to empower, inspire, educate and offer resources to parents of the children who are striving for stardom. 

“I was a single mother holding down two jobs while managing my son’s career. I can now take my knowledge and experiences and pass it on to parents that are where I once was,” said Berry.

With a hustle just as grand as her male counterpart in a male dominated industry of management, Berry’s hustle made her stand out and placed her in the forefront. During her days managing her son, Berry recounts vulgar comments and passes being made towards her. 

By not falling for the trap, Berry was able to stand up to her male counterparts and in turn created a management system that worked for her and Gray.

“This is a tough industry and as a woman I had to stand my ground,” said Berry. 

Standing her ground is nothing new for Berry who also dealt with being in an abusive relationship and depression. To say that she is a fighter is truly an understatement.

Alongside being an author, the head of a foundation, Berry also still makes time to work. She works full time in the healthcare industry where she is also on top of her game.

Continuing the trend of inspiring others to be their best, Ms. Berry looks forward to hosting events and various different workshops to help take the burden off of parents who are managing their child’s career. 

Follow Ms. Berry Cares on Instagram @msberrycares

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