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Blacks and Hispanics may be more optimistic than whites about their financial future, but their financial present is typically much bleaker.

A new CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 55% of blacks and 52% of Hispanics said it was easier for them to achieve the American Dream than their parents.
That’s compared to only 35% of whites. Blacks and Hispanics interviewed by CNNMoney said they feel they have more opportunity these days in terms of education and jobs.

 But for the typical black and Hispanic household, those opportunities haven’t translated into financial gains.

Even earning a college degree hasn’t protected them from falling behind.

In fact, the CNN/Kaiser poll found that blacks and Hispanics with college degrees are not significantly more satisfied with their financial situation compared to their peers without degrees.

But whites with college degrees are generally more satisfied than their counterparts with less formal education.
Here are five ways blacks and Hispanics trail whites economically.

Source: CNN Money