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Giving a voice to the voiceless.

Purposely Awakened accepts editorial pieces from writers who have a voice and want their voice to be heard. Our editorial pieces are the opinions of the writer; therefore, they may or may not reflect how the staff of Purposely Awakened may feel.

What a newspaper needs in its news, in its headlines, and on its editorial page is terseness, humor, descriptive power, satire, originality, good literary style, clever condensation, and accuracy, accuracy, accuracy!

Social media is key to promoting the posts on my website.

I really do think we’re going through a period of concentration of ownership of media, and we’re starting to see the effects at the review level, and it’s all bad. This increased pressure for profits every quarter, smaller news hole, less coverage of important stuff – the extent that it’s become one giant infotainment industry.

We need to separate marketing messages from content. We need to enforce a clear line between ‘opinion’ and ‘advertising.’

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Poetry Corner: Boyz N Da Hood

From my moments of pain look how far I came.   Once a young wild beast so easy to be ...
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Poetry Corner: Always Business Never Personal

Everything they've done was for the loot, All their lies, propaganda, and misinforming myself and you.   Like Garvey said we're ...
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Poetry Corner: Huey Revere

My gifts and talents are of those I’ll always savor, Never would I think a dollar determined if I would ...
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All that remain are memories of struggle of pain. I remember times sitting at the table cutting and bagging getting ...
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Poetry Corner: Satisfaction

I hear the applause they say my poems sound like an activist speech, Everything sounds like it could be on ...
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Poetry Corner: A Different World

We are in and out of colleges like a foster home, To obtain knowledge and use as a valid tool. ...
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Poetry Corner: Coolest Monkey in The Jungle

Everything is on camera it is no longer an unbelievable case, The country we once respected now we should fear. ...
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Poetry Corner: A Change Is Gonna Come

A fruit is changed by the strength and depth of it’s roots. Since a early age how we’re fed and ...
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Poetry Corner: Skin

In society 1 tenth of an inch has so many labels, If we’re colored I’m your brother. Let’s not start ...
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Poetry Corner: New Slaves

We’re quick to call the White people culture vulture for popping bottles and smoking dozer. In fact we’re the ones ...