Canna Botanicalz of the Coachella Valley Offers Relief Pain Management with Cannabis

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Pain seems to be inevitable in our daily lives, whether it is chronic pain from an illness or injury or temporary pain such as a headache or migraine. However, one industry has been rapidly creating products to help reduce and/or eliminate the pain altogether—the cannabis industry.

Gilbert Ibarra, owner and operator of Canna Botanicalz, emerged into the industry to help alleviate pain. Canna Botanicalz will soon be merging with Cali Cultivator to become FLOR creating Cannabis based pain management therapeutics, health and beauty products.

I recently interviewed Mr. Ibarra where he chatted on his inspirations and how he got into the cannabis industry.

Growing up and still to this day who are your inspirations and how did they impact your life?

My inspirations growing up and to this day are my parents. They taught me to all give it my all and never give up as they supported me and never gave up on me, and for that big reason now I am in the Cannabis industry.

My mother has had Epilepsy for many years, to some it’s also known as Grand Mal Seizures, but there are many known types of Epilepsy. It has been a very long and tiresome journey dealing with an epileptic for years. At one point there was a near death experience, but we turned to the alternative and natural medicine Cannabis, and truthfully, life has been much better and healthier. No more pills!

Can you tell us some of the medicinal and pharmaceutical properties of cannabis?

The use of cannabis and its attributes are used to help in many ways. In short, it can help with nausea, Alzheimer’s Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Cancer of many types and stages, Epilepsy and much more. There are more studies being made to prove the medicinal value of cannabis.

Cannabis is an effective pain killer by far, and an alternative and organic option to taking pills and other substances that can do more harm to your body and mind. Studies show that it can help with most mental health conditions. It is also used as anti-inflammatory.

When did you start your cannabis line and how did you pull off the magnificent feat?

Canna Botanicalz was created about six years ago in 2013, but it started to show itself more in social media about three years ago. I let the public know that we were here to help through research and personal experience. It was a rough start convincing and showing individuals that it really works and steering them away from the stigma, but the product speaks for itself. We are proud to say that we put our pride, hard work and love into our products.

How many products does your company make and distribute?

We have created over 20 actual products that each serve a purpose from pain management, therapeutics, sports therapy, alternative health and our soon to come Cannabis CBD based beauty line. We are hoping to reach the medical field in a strong way, a healthier and safer way to help keep you in great health.

What are the differences in the level of THC and the high you receive from different products and the way to consume it?

In my experience the levels of THC vary through different strains of Cannabis plants and how its grown. In addition, there are other ways to extract the cannabinoids from the Cannabis plant and its uses are endless.

Lately more people have been leaning towards dabs, edibles, and gummies instead of the normal smoking of the plant, what do you believe is causing this spike?

Innovation and creativity is the reason why many who create these awesome products, to show the consumer there are many ways Cannabis can be used, but in my opinion, the good, old fashion smoking will never die out. It will be the go every time.

What other medicinal purposes does cannabis serve and what information would you share with the haters of cannabis and label it an illegal drug?

Cannabis still holds strong medicinal values and yet still more untapped potential to treat many of diseases and illness. Haters and skeptical only go against what is the unknown. From personal experience, it has saved many lives and it has helped many live a normal life. These kind of individuals I will say, “Put yourself in the shoes of those that need help. Those that have no other alternative. I did it to someone I love and it worked, and I will continue that path. No one will change that for me.”

If you could offer some great words of wisdom and inspirational advice to the millennials what would it be?

My advise to anyone would be, “If you start some thing, finish it. Don’t ever give up there might be an opportunity to make a change in someone’s life. Hard work will pay off at the end. Be innovative and create something that can change the world. If there are others with the same kind of ideas, you make it better.”

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