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Can Men And Women Be Friends?

Is it possible for men and women to be just friends? It seems to be the most common debated question that is asked when people see a man and woman talking, the first thing people seem to think is “I bet they are sleeping with each other,” or “how long have they been messing around?”

Some people tend to think that a man and woman’s friendship is only platonic and that if the chance arises they would sleep with each other. Men and women can be just friends and not have anything going on between them. However, it does so happen to depend on the mind frame and maturity level of the two involved in the friendship. If they both value the friendship and see that having sex is not worth the risk of losing the friendship then why go there?

We all know that once sex is involved the lines of friendship are crossed and there is no looking back. True we all have friends that we find attractive, but there is nothing wrong with thinking that. The misconception of today’s society is that it is impossible for a man and woman to be best friends, when the truth is that it can exist for the fact it’s always best to have the point of view from the opposite sex that you call your friend. We were all kids at one point in life and we seen no wrong in being friends with the opposite sex so why is it that as adults we see something wrong with it? If you ask me, I not only think, but I know that men and women can be just friends and nothing more. Some would say that’s just me and how I think; I guess its because my mind frame of what a friend is different from theirs, or their maturity level hasn’t reached mine.

I had a conversation with a co-worker about this subject (Dominick Hunter, 24, New Orleans), and he found it argumentative to say that men and women cannot be friends for the simple fact that when a man and woman meet they truly have only one thing in mind and its not to be just friends. Now is that the thinking of all adults with the same maturity level or just a misguided thinking of men and women cannot be friends. He went on to say that when or if he exchanges numbers with a female she is not his friend they are just cool, and she is somebody in the waiting until something happens. Now I cannot say that he is the only male that thinks this, and there may even be women that think the same ordeal. As I mentioned from start this is a topic that can be debated on both sides of the fence.It is ironic because of the fact that when a man or woman introduces somebody to one of their family or friends they introduce them as their boyfriend or girlfriend not somebody they are cool with or they just know.The word friend is used in those words to mean something of significance.

Some may disagree with me and some will agree with me, but the truth of the matter is it’s all in what you believe and think. If you however think that men and women cannot be just friends take a moment to scroll through you phone contacts and see how many of the opposite sex you see as just a friend and nothing more, and you can bank on it that its more than just one.


  • Born in New Orleans, LA on 11/12/1983 (I'm an 80's baby). Served 8yrs in the Air Force Reserve served during Iraqi Freedom is currently a Warehouse Supervisor for Babies R US Attended Southern University (Go Jags) studied Business Marketing with minor n pre-law Interest: reading books from Eric Jerome Dickey to Sister Souljah,writing poetry n currently working on a poetry book called Predetermined Thoughts of the Mind, traveling to different parts of the word especially the islands, listening to music from Rap/R&B to Neo-Soul anything that intrigues the mind, spending much quality time with my daughter Akaiya, going out with friends enjoying the good life.

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