C.A.K.E. Covert Action to Kill Entanglement

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We have so many great, popular sitcoms that depict the Black and ethnic lifestyle; however, there is just one slight problem…they are written by people of other races. This is one of the reasons why Erika Harden decided to create a web series. She wanted to create a series that not only was about our Black culture, but one that was also written by one of our own, from our perspective.

‘Cake the Series’ is a story written by Harden about a group of people who work to fight against racism within the Black community. The series brings up the discussion of what we listen to in our music, what we view as beautiful and what we laugh at in our comedy.

Harden grew up in Sacramento where she later relocated to Oakland to pursue her education and career as a dancer in San Francisco. Due to an injury, she later decided to pursue another venture that would still allow her to showcase her creativity, so she decided to take up acting. “I took acting classes with Jean Shelton who is an awesome teacher! And from there I decided to move to Los Angeles to further my career in acting,” Harden said. Making the move from Northern California to Southern California was very different to Harden, however despite the differences she loved how determined and eager that people are in Los Angeles to make their careers successful.

The difference between ‘Cake the Series’ and some of the other series is that this series wasn’t created for monetary gain, but created in order to give back to the community.

“If people find it inspiring to where it changes their lives, then I am satisfied,” Harden explained.

Aside from not gaining monetary gain, she does plan to enter some of the web series award contests to showcase the series to a broader audience.

The trailer for ‘Cake the Series’ will be released this fall, and the series will premiere either Winter 2012 or Early 2013. In the meantime everyone is encouraged to follow the series on twitter @CaketheSeries and add the Facebook page: Cakethe Series for updates. For those who would love to contribute to the series in any way, whether it’s to be a part of the crew, assist with researching locations, etc., please email Harden at caketheseries@gmail.com.

For those who want to pursue acting as a career and to those who want to be successful in any career field, Harden encourages that you, “Read. Read. Read about who we are and where we come from. Read about our history so that you can know every detail.”

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