Never enjoyed physical compliments. When anyone commented on my body, I actually got really upset.  I felt as if they were stating the obvious . Clearly, I have a nice body. Clearly, I’m beautiful (Let me talk my shit).

Tell me something I don’t know. Tell me something I haven’t heard 86 thousand times from other men and women everywhere. When guys continually compliment my physical ASSets, I automatically place them in my “just wanna fuck” container in my head. It’s funny because ALL guys wanna fuck regardless of their initial approach; it’s just refreshing when it’s something other than the obvious.

I would even shy away from meeting guys because ultimately I knew, whether they knew I modeled or not, the probability of them just wanting to fuck me was high.

I know how I look; I’m very aware of my physical attributes. I see myself every day. I’ve dealt with this way before I started modeling. Even when I was in the military, completely covered in Dress Blues. Although, I’m not the cocky type, I’m far from ignorant. I used to shy aware from the idea of attracting real love because I was convinced that my physical appearance wouldn’t allow deeper connections. .

After reprogramming my mindset, I understood that I’m actually a triple threat. I know it and others know it too. (Let me talk my shit.)

It’s funny because if you’re not aware of who you are and what you bring to the table, you can be susceptible to the projection of others insecurities surrounding who you know yourself to be. Taking your power back by reminding yourself of who you truly are physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

I own every ounce of who I am. Period. ANYONE would be lucky to be with me romantically or in a platonic nature because, duh! Never let anyone make you feel a way because of the energy you carry, your career of choice, or the way you look. Everyone wanna fuck, men and women. That’s fine, doesn’t mean they will . I can be your fantasy or your reality, the choice is mine.

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United States based model, Deyanna Denyse has been trailblazing a path of her own in the field of Art modeling since 2017. Originally a yoga instructor, Deyanna stumbled upon the arts as a form of solace and self discovery during a time of hardship. With the collaboration of others artists such as Kevin Williams, Euguen Bryd, and many photographers, she is expanding the narrative of Art modeling in the African American diaspora. Using herself as the muse, photography and videography has been the medium of choice. Published in Vogue Italia, Iconic Artist Magazine and featured in many Art Exhibitions; she has been seen across the globe. Interviews by Studio Noize podcast and Voyage Atlanta( among other platforms) Deyanna has had the opportunity to share her story and passion to inspire others to follow a dream of their own. Although Art modeling has been the main focus, Deyanna wear many hats in the creative realm. As a creative director, she has also created mind boggling visulas with intentions to shift the masses into higher levels of consciousness. Balancing work and play, Deyanna find herself lost in poetry, yoga and cooking vegan meals for family and friends.

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