Businesses and Influencers Consider Black-Owned Platform as a Social Media Alternative

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The contemporaneous malfunctioning of three social media giants on March 13, 2019 left business & common users alike with deep concern about the risk of significant reliance on these “no-cost” platforms. The massive glitches came without warning or solution for over 18 hours leaving users with the inability to post, get messages and for many make money. More than ever, people are wondering if there are any alternatives to the platforms that permeate much of our daily routines.

This is not the first time the world has seen a threat to social media usage as they knew it. In 2014, Facebook enacted its “real name policy” leaving users with the ultimatum of divulging their government identities or not using the platform. Did we really have a choice? After all, who can compete with the Goliath of social media?

CJC Live, a Black-owned “Uber-like” shared economy, believes their platform is the most viable alternative solution for users on other platforms. With a built-in anti “AdPocalypse” component that protects brand presence, ad revenue, and the risk of abrupt demonetization via platform failure or restriction; CJC Live just may be the ‘new kid on the block’ we have all been anxious to meet.

CEO, Reginald Braziel says, “Our platform is not about growing a single enormous entity with total control as the social media platforms of the past created. CJC Live is more of a movement designed to bring people together from around the world and incentivize them to create their own unique content and tell their stories. CJC is an acronym for Control Just Changed referring to it’s decentralized, open source architecture, and shared economy, a philosophy much like Uber, Airbnb and many others.”

Braziel, went on to say, “People generate billions in revenue for major platforms via clicks and swipes; you have to ask… What about the people? Unless you fit the ‘blue-check bill’ is anyone paying the average person, who just so happens to be driving the machine?… Control Just Changed!”

CJC Live is a platform created for and by its users, content creators and advertisers. “It is in the early stages of realizing its vision but moving quickly, evangelizing its innovative, gameified, shared economy, video platform and disrupting the disrupters,” says Braziel.

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