Business Spotlight: Freeman Capital, Building Generational Wealth

Freeman Capital is a wealth management firm that is focused on providing diversified investments to a diverse world. They are a company that understands that many people want to invest but sometimes don’t know how to invest. Their goal is simple: to make it easier for everyday people to invest their hard earned money. They know the struggle of wanting to grow your wealth, but not knowing the best way to do that. That’s why they offer trading strategies for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Their top three priorities are:

1. Profit Loss margin: Freeman Capital leverage the experience of its team and wealth managers to launch all new trading programs specifically designed for their target market. 

2. Easy! Click the Getting Started link to find out your investor type (Aggressive, Moderate, Conservative, etc.) and once you open your account with a deposit, we begin to work on your behalf.

3. “At Freeman Capital, by helping people build wealth, we will make generational impacts in health, education and quality of life. We are specifically targeting communities and people that have been overlooked and ignored. As a black owned firm, we uniquely see the needs in our own community and are specifically focused on helping our communities grow and build wealth as well,”-Calvin F. Williams, Jr., CEO.


George and Evelyn Freeman didn’t see themselves as special. They both worked hard for a better life, just like many others in the 1950s and 1960s. They had a vision for the future, for their children, and their children’s children. And so with the little extra money they managed to save together, they bought property. They knew they could not get ahead just by working and saving alone. They knew their money had to work harder for them.

Today the legacy continues.

Freeman Capital is a personal wealth management firm for everyday, hardworking people looking for a better future. It was founded by George and Evelyn’s great-grandson Calvin Williams, Jr. 

Freeman Capital is built on the same values and vision that guided George and Evelyn in their lives. The belief that with some prudent planning, wise choices, and hard work, everyone can have a better future. A future with freedom.

Freeman Capital exists for everyday people, the hard working majority who are overlooked by the larger and traditional investment firms.

They empower those who want to get ahead, to participate in the investment economy and carve out a financially secure future for themselves and those that come after them.

George and Evelyn were special. They had a vision of a financially secure future and beat a path there. A path we can all follow today.


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