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Bun Bydaway Shares How He Went from Being Arrested 7 Times to a 7-Figure Serial Entrepreneur

Where you’ve been doesn’t determine where you can go. Bun Bydaway is a prime example of this. After being incarcerated seven times and serving 11 years on probation, the Wilmington, Delaware, native channeled his skillset into serial entrepreneurship, helping him earn 7-figures.

From his luxury car rental business where he rents extravagant cars for those looking to floss in rap videos and photoshoots to his real estate deals to his studio and live entertainment business, Bydaway’s life has done a complete 180. More inspiring than his story though, is his desire to help others that are currently in the situation he once found himself in.

Reflection Allows for Redirection

When asked what served as a wake-up call to get his life together Bydaway says, “I think it was the last time going to prison. All the other males in my family are majority in prison or dead…I was the last one that could save my family, basically. My father was gone away for six to 10 years. My uncles are away. So basically, I just thought about it… I was just hurting my family and I was really their last hope. Not only for me, but for my family and kid.”

When the Deck Seems to Be Stacked Against You

Growing up as a Black man in America, as we have seen far too often, comes with an unfortunate set of challenges.

“I’ve been on probation forever,” Byadway shared, advising that he was once arrested and locked up simply for jaywalking and violating his probation.

“There were 11 years of my life where I couldn’t make little mistakes that other people make because it was just different. I mean, 10 of us were walking across the street jaywalking. I was the only one that went to jail,” he recalled.

Bydaway, who last got out of prison in 2018, was first arrested as an adolescent. When he was released from a juvenile detention center and wanted to head back to school, he was advised that because of his past offense (a weapon possession charge), he wasn’t able to return.

“I didn’t even finish high school…after I caught a charge as a juvenile and I was locked up, I actually wanted to go back to school and they told me I couldn’t because I caught that charge. I was a child and they told me I couldn’t go back to school. They wanted me to go to an alternative school…it was in a neighborhood where at the time it was people I was beefing with…I’m just blessed that I have the discipline that I have and I’ve been able to turn that around.”

Despite the deck seemingly being stacked against him, Bydaway found a way to win.


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