Breaking Up Is Hard To Do–But It Isn’t Always the End

When we reach a certain age, say over the age of 25, and we know that we have found the one it is a great thing; however, things won’t always be peachy and sometimes we have to go through a few changes and red lights in order for it be successful and to last, and unfortunately, that comes with a break up.

Just because you hear the word “break up” doesn’t mean it is the end of the journey, especially when the reason for the break up was not anything due to the bond of the relationship between the two counterparts. When we get older, the relationship that we choose is thoughtfully picked out based on us knowing that it will lead to marriage some time in the future, and when marriage is the ultimate destination that we want to see relationship go towards we must have our ducks in order first so that things will not lead to divorce, and the common reason for divorce is finance issues.

Finances can deter or break a relationship/marriage if the issue is not addressed soon enough, so sometimes you and your significant other will have to break up because the other person just needs to focus on getting themselves together so that the two of you can have a successful future together and a better and successful second round. During the time time of the break up to when the two of you do decide it is time to move forward with the relationship the key is to be patient and always keep in mind that you both love each other, and that true love conquers all and always finds its way back to the one that it is supposed to be with. Time heals everything, and sometimes things just happen at the wrong time, but it doesn’t mean there will be a permanent ending because of the wrong timing.

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