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Brandon A. Mashack Teaches Youth the Importance of Fitness Through Get Gains or Get Gone



Brandon A. Mashack is the founder of Get Gains or Get Gone LLC, which was launched to serve people through online coaching, one-on-one training and small group training. Their model is, “No Inferiority, No Indecisiveness, No Intimidation”.

Unlike the Planet Fitness motto, “Gymtimidation”, Get Gains or Get Gone, knows the potential that they have, so there’s only motivation. In addition to his fitness brand, Mashack also has a production called The Best of Bam LLC, where he produces his “Bshack’s Exercise Book for Kids” volumes, does graphic design, social media managing, and Facebook/Instagram ad services.

I recently interviewed the fitness guru and entrepreneur where he chatted more on his brands. Check out the interview below:

Growing up and still to this day, who are your inspirations? How did they impact your life?

In terms of being God fearing man, my Dad, Baron Mashack of course and my Grandfather, Aaron Mashack. My mother and grandmother  Denise and Marian Mashack, as well.

In the Art realm my main inspiration is Fahamu Pecou, my cousin. He’s become one of Atlanta’s biggest visual artists and allowed me to work for him back in 8th grade (2007/8ish) to learn.

In the Fitness realm, Chris Jones of Pump Chasers is someone I started watching on YouTube when I first got into fitness in 2012. He’s been a big inspiration with how I learned to workout and build my business.

When did you realize you had a passion for business and wanted to be a entrepreneur?

When I first started to get into graphic design while working with Fahamu in 2007, I decided to start taking clients to make extra money. I also did yard work for neighbors to make extra money. I was in 8th grade going to the 9th; I guess you can say the hustles started there.

What influenced you to take up personal training as a career?

My passion for fitness started when I first decided to lose weight in 2012 while living in Florida, the half naked lifestyle state; through the year I made a crazy transformation so people started asking me for advice. I gained the passion to help others achieve their transformation and started personal training in 2014 with Snapfitness Miramar.

How has personal training and working out changed/molded your life?

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