Boycott continues against the Boston-area Whole Foods that sent employees home for Black Lives Matter masks


More than 10 days after Whole Foods employees were sent home for refusing to take off their Black Lives Matter face masks, Cambridge community members remain frustrated with the company.

On Sunday, more than 40 people held signs in front of the River Street store, where they have gathered nearly every day since June 25. The group erupted into cheers every several minutes, marking each time they persuaded a shopper to buy groceries elsewhere. 

A statement issued by the company said a longstanding dress code forbids employees from wearing slogans and messages that are not company-related.

Many of the protesters, like Jason Slavick – who lives just across the street from the store – used to frequent the market. He and other boycott organizers have contacted local store managers as well as corporate leaders to argue that a company that pitches itself as a values-oriented business should change its policy.

“There should be no place safe for racism, and the only way that happens is if they say it out loud and stop hiding behind neutrality,” he said. 


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