Both Sides Can Sit Down

Our political process in America is fundamentally structured and designed to protect itself. When people say America and its ideals should be put first they’re knowingly agreeing and advocating the economic disadvantages and injustices of Black America. The American politically elected are controlled by political interest groups, and Black America has been at a disadvantage when it comes to controlling these interest groups. In this 2020 election cycle Black America will prove that our interests will not and cannot be ignored.

In America we all have been indoctrinated with the false narrative quote, “If you don’t vote you can’t complain about who gets elected.” This totally untrue, because who ever is elected to represent the interests of Black Americans is already controlled by interest groups against, or not totally approving of our empowerment. 

The #Tangibles2020 movement is making headway right in swing with the 2020 election cycle. Both parties clearly want reparations talk and discussions to subside. The Corona virus and weakening US dollar issues are taking center stage now. Both of these issues are American issues, for sure. The issue of Black America is also an American issue. 

Recently I came across a video that gave a Pan Africanist view for addressing our issues both here in America and in Africa. We certainly are moving beyond asking the question, “Can you Vote Yourself Out of Oppression?” (Afrikan Esquire TV, 2019) The answer is no, especially seeing that oppression is baked into the fabric of society. Actions were taken from the beginning to ensure that special interests and capitalistic objectives are reached first and before there will be any talks of ending oppression and repairing the problem. As a people we are redefining our own political power structure outside of the confines of the current political process. We must now do what is within our own best interests and exclude others that do not share in all of our interests. With the economics of tangibility we will move forward and #oncode to form political power that is our own.

Reference: Afrikan Esquire TV (2019,  February 28). Can you Vote Yourself Out of Oppression? (#Tangibles2020 & Nigeria, Senegal Elections).

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