BlackHer Releases The Black Woman’s Guide to the 2020 Election

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As Black women in South Carolina head to the polls on February 29, BlackHer, a media and membership company created by and for Black women, released The Black Woman’s Guide to the 2020 Elections, a primer to demystify the electoral process and provide Black women with the information and inspiration they need to vote in the presidential primaries and election. 

“Black women are some of the most reliable voters and a critical progressive voting bloc,” said Jocelyn Harmon, co-founder and editor of BlackHer. “Unfortunately, our contributions, especially to the Democratic party, often go unnoticed. We wanted to create a resource that provides Black women with the information we need to exercise our political power and elevate our political leadership.”

The online guide offers clear, accessibleguidance to Black women on voting, volunteering, and giving to politicalcampaigns and candidates this election season. It provides links to key voterresources to help Black women:

  • Verify their voter registration;
  • Find their polling place; and, 
  • Register to vote. 

It also underscores key issues that are at stakein this election including:

  • Ending voter suppression; 
  • Expanding affordable healthcare; and, 
  • Reforming the criminal justice system.

The guide highlights Black women incumbents running for reelection and candidates running for Congress in 2020. And includes inspirational quotes from current and legendary Black women in politics including Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American female elected to Congress, Lori Lightfoot, the first African-American mayor of Chicago, and Ayanna Pressley, the freshman Congresswoman from Massachusetts.

The authors cite and link Black women to key organizations like Black Futures Lab, BlackPAC, Black Voters Matter Fund, Higher Heights for America, and the Black Women’s Roundtable that are advancing Black women’s political power.

“Black women understand the importance of being at the table each election season. Together, we have the power to elect a new president, politicians who will actually represent our interests, and create progressive change.” said Angela Dorn, co-founder of BlackHer.

BlackHer is a media and membership company created by and for Black women. We are educating and inspiring each other to act for progressive change. To learn more visit,

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