Black Man, do you love your Black Wo-man? Is she considered an intellectual, her being more than sexual….the glow that she exudes…..celestial? Do you celebrate her, compliment her for blazing the trail? Does she know that no matter what, your love for her prevails? Are your shores a friendly place where she can set down her anchor, or does she bear witness to your anger and rancor?

Does she hold a position of importance in your life? Is your love for her free from stress and strife? Do you notice the pain in her eyes or the tears that she cries — when next to you, she’s lost a son too?! Birthed from her body, an unbreakable bond is broken, the blood of that child is soaked in — left on her heart as a stain, but does she complain or does she continue to remain faithful and true cuz there’s no one else for her like you?

Do you always have her back or is she constantly attacked when she tries to talk with you about the things you do or how much in this life she truly needs you? Do you know all her hopes and dreams? Do you see how she beams, full of light when she finds her passion? There’s no one like her in any form or fashion. Do you see how she’s treated? She’s always defeated by what society thinks she should be, but is her beauty something that YOU see? She takes care of everyone else, most Daddy’s weren’t around to teach her love of self with these battles, she needs your help.

Black Wo-man, do you love your Black Man? By him do you pledge to stand? Life these days for him has been very tough. At times things between you become extremely rough. Our vision sometimes may be blinded by frustration but somehow we need to understand the situation. Our lives are often tossed and driven by the restless sea of time. Can he count on you to be his sunshine?

The world has it out for him since this crow called Jim had these wicked laws that were meant to strip him of his manhood with blood thirsty claws….life and death situations. He suffered much humiliation. Truth be told, no one but you can understand that kind of pain — for you’ve been in this together, that fact remains.

They’re ripping and tearing at him everyday that he lives. Tell me how much more blood does he have to give? Can you hold him and console him whenever he feels weak. Do you stay awake with him whenever he can’t sleep? We know that boys are raised differently from girls and the way they express their emotions may seem like a different world, but we must remember that they do indeed have feelings too…it’s just as true even if he doesn’t express it to you.

Black Love Matters, it’s what’ll get us through. When life turns against us and we know not what to do! For each other WE must be strong. We both know the lyrics to the song, “If there’s a ribbon in the sky for our love, then we must put that love above all else, cuz, you’re not in this by yourself.” Black Man love your Black Wo-man and Black Wo-man, love your Black Man — For divided we fall but together WE stand. Our love is timeless and durable. It will withstand anything as long as the two of ya — come together and be as one. Let’s have each other’s backs until victory is won!