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Mahogany Books
Address: Anacostia Arts Center
1231 Good Hope Rd., SE Washington DC
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MahoganyBooks is a local independent bookstore that believes in social entreprenuership. We take a leadership role in the African American community by promoting reading, writing, and cultural awareness as tools to improve self-esteem, self-love and ultimately our communities to enrich the lives of motivated individuals.
At its roots, MahoganyBooks was founded in 2007 to meet the literary needs of readers nationwide in search of books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora.  For the first ten years, they were solely online and engaged authors, bookclubs, conferences and publishers to ensure Black Books were accessible to anyone eager to read about Black culture.  In 2017,  they opened the doors to their very first physical location in Washington, DC.  Founded by an enterprising husband and wife duo, the award-winning MahoganyBooks is the result of Derrick and Ramunda’s love for culture, community and connection and their desire to see books empower others as it had empowered them. With over 20 years of combined retail book industry experience, the Young’s witnessed a variety of market highs and lows which armed them with insight needed to develop a bookstore model capitalizing on technology while staying true to independent community bookstore roots that define core values of the owners.

Since its inception, MahoganyBooks has committed to connecting readers to writers and grown from being exclusively online to hosting more than 600 book events throughout the DC/Maryland/Virginia metro area and online via their popular MahoganyBooks Front Row series.  The have become the go-to bookseller to feature A-List luminaries, new voices and local authors.  MahoganyBooks proudly boasts one of the deepest inventory of black books online.  In 2019, the company was named one of the Top 100 Minority Business Enterprises in the DC Capital Region.  Their commitment to community is amplified by their donation of over 1000 books to youth, numerous story times, financial workshops, author talks, seminars and a host of other events created to enrich the lives of residents and beyond.   MahoganyBooks has been featured nationally on the Steve Harvey Television Show, Black Enterprise, Vanity Fair Magazine, Essence Magazine Forbes, Oprah Magazine, TIME Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NBC, ABC and other outlets featuring their commitment to Black books.

However Derrick & Ramunda are most excited about the impact  their family business has had not only, on local children through their give-back program, Books for the Block, but also the zeal for reading and entrepreneurship their daughter Mahogany has developed through her exposure to the family enterprise.

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Business Phone Number: (202) 844-2062
Address: 515 N HALSTED ST
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Our Mission:
Semicolon Bookstore is committed to nurturing the connection between literature, art, and the pursuit of knowledge; while also using the power of words to better our community.

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Business Phone Number: +312.877.5170
Address: 131 Alexander Avenue
Bronx, New York
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“Lit.” like literature
“Lit” like drunk
Lit with passion to kill stigmas overdue to be debunked
and prove once again that the Bronx keeps creatin’ it
and that we are worthy
That we are more than just sneaker stores
and we support the arts
So I stand here today and ask you to open your hearts
to help us show the world
what many fail to see
that the Bronx is no longer burning… except with desire to read
And that we thrive
just like the indie bookseller that you were told died
The numbers don’t lie
Did you know indies grew over 30 percent since 2009?
with sales up 10 percent last year, outpacing book sales in general, nationwide
 I’ve been accused of supporting gentrification because I stand to capitalize
No, I’m not the type to pick up picket sign
I’m solution-oriented; I said “bet” to the developers, the bad guys
and went home to write my business plan on how I was going to ensure faces that look like mine
are represented in market rate districts in a few years time
I don’t have the answer for displacement
but Pride & Prejudice is only welcome in The Lit. Bar’s Classics section
The answer to inclusion isn’t to further divide
the Hippies too feel the rent is too damn high
and that Bronx culture matters along with our lives
we need each other to get this revolution televised
so I, will land The Lit. Bar on top
of our South Bronx, their Piano District or whatever… Plymouth Rock
so the present and future residents of this borough can harmonize… over a little Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay

I am Noëlle Santos from the block
Afro-Latina from Soundview, resident of Crotona Park
I was abandoned by our one big-box bookshop all the way up in Co-op that served my knowledge
Both my degrees are from the Bronx, Lehman College
I am a woman
I am a Millennial
I am you and it is my mission…
that with the power of literature, to restore kings & queens to their thrones
and help us cope
preach the importance of community & shop local
mend the gap between the young and old
recite John Lennon & J. Cole
I declare war on reality shows
that teach our children to aspire to Instagram follows
(follow us @thelitbar though, lol)
and likes
and to be Love & Wherever wives that ain’t really wives
I only promote black love and real life
starting with The Lit. Bar, a home to read and write
and blog and excite
with book & travel clubs, Kiddie Lit’r, poetry slams, girls, game & date nights
We will not conform; we’ll expand horizons beyond pages
and pick up where school curriculum failed to engaged us
and offer Life 101 workshops for all ages
take you back to the time of healthy socialization
and don’t forget the wine tasting
 So meet us at The Lit. Bar
near the Bruckner
for wine and literature
you can bring your book club or e-reader wit’cha
to the spot to read, discuss and lounge and sip
talk arts & entrepreneurship
& all things the Bronx
We Lit!

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Address: 4240 Cass Ave, #105
Detroit, MI
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Source Booksellers, an independent bookstore in Detroit’s Midtown district, is a unique niche of non-fiction books. We offer books and unusual sideline items that enhance your life and your lifestyle. We invite you to come in and explore and discover our hand-selected books and products on:

~ History and Culture

~ Health and Well-being

~ Metaphysics and Spirituality

~ Books By and About Women

~ Fair Trade Chocolates

~ World Maps

~ Oils and Incense

~ Shea Butter Products

~ Raw Snacks

We have books and so much more! Browsing and buying is what we love for you to do, but we also have activities and events to enrich your mind, body and your spirit:

~ Book/Author Talks with local and national authors

~ In depth conversations about books or current subjects relevant to the community

~ Mind, Body & Spirit Classes: Tai Chi, Yoga, Qi Gong & Belly Dancing

~ Conversations about seasonal and celestial changes and their impact on our lives.


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Business Phone Number: (313) 832-1155
Address: 5445 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia, PA
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Business Phone Number: (215) 403-7058
Address: 210 W Latimer St

Tulsa, OK
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We are on a mission to increase intergenerational literacy and build better community
Fulton Street is a space to call home. It is a space to build community and to change our city through civic discourse. It is a space on a mission to increase literacy, with people at the center of all the work that we do. It is a space for coffee, books, and a good time. It is a space for you; you who have been longing for a space created with you in mind. At Fulton Street, we center the stories, narratives and lived experiences of people of color and marginalized communities. Welcome to Fulton Street. Welcome home.

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Address: 6951 Olive Blvd
University City, MO
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Our mission is to be a resource to parents, teachers, and schools in providing the very best children’s books on the market that promote positive images and stories about African American culture and history. As a tool to help increase literacy, African American children will benefit by seeing themselves respectfully represented in the literature they read. Non-African American children will benefit by helping to dispel negative and inaccurate stereotypical images of people of color and that despite our many differences, all people share common feelings and aspirations.

We are parents of four lovely children. Together, we have created EyeSeeMe based on our years of experience raising four high achieving children. Our children have been tested in gifted programs; participated in leadership conferences; selected for public speaking engagements; and have attended Harvard University, Columbia University, and Bard College. How did we do it?
Our children were always inquisitive. After history class they would often run home and recite the many stories they learned about the great men and women of the past. But, they often seemed to have a presumption that their own heritage began at slavery. Yet, we could tell that they yearned for historical stories that included themselves as heroes, victors, founders, creators, and contributors to society. This yearning forced us to do our own research. We did find some very valuable historical information; but it wasn’t packaged in a way that was appealing to children. Furthermore, to our surprise, there were no educational or historical games geared for African American children. Therefore, we had no choice but to create our own.

We knew that if we could instill within our children a pride in their heritage and awareness of the great accomplishments of their forefathers that this would be the foundation that would allow them to grow into their full potential. We also realized that children learn by playing and interacting; not by simply memorizing and regurgitating dates and events during Black History Month.  We created an environment for our children, which bridged the gap between education, identity, history & fun.  We would sit around our dining room table for hours playing and learning. As we began to explore our vast heritage together as a family, we could see the excitement in our children’s souls as they embraced their nearly lost legacy. This excitement for learning transferred into their studies.

As our children grew we saw them approach school with purpose and a clear understanding that they are truly “standing on the shoulders of giants” and have a responsibility to do their best in everything that they do. Others noticed their achievements and upon inquiry we shared our games and products with them as well. Over the years we have had numerous responses from parents and teachers alike, that our products have been instrumental in helping children realize their full potential by seeing themselves in history.



Children need to have black role models and need to have a sense of history in order to understand who they are and build their self-esteem. When children see the many contributions that people that look like them have accomplished and have contributed to the world, they begin to believe in their own limitless potential.

Furthermore, children learn by playing and interacting with others. Eyeseeme’s products  encourage and stimulate a child’s imagination and unleash their true potential through game playing and active learning.

EyeSeeMe African American Children’s Bookstore was created in order to help bridge the cultural divide, so that African American children can benefit from exposure to literature that respectfully mirrors themselves, their culture and their families. EyeSeeMe, is the only children’s bookstore devoted exclusively to promoting positive African American Images and African American History while advocating for Academic Excellence. We believe that competent, caring, and properly supported teachers and parents are essential to student learning.  EyeseeMe is here to help provide that support. 


High Quality Products

We carry thousands of African American and Multi-Cultural Children’s Books at our store on 6951 Olive Blvd, in University City and through our website. We spend countless hours researching all the major publishers and distributors including Random House, JustUs Books, Scholastic, & Capstone, looking for the very best books that will further our mission. Our books range from Baby/Toddler to High School, most of which meet Core Curriculum Standards.

Eyeseeme offers parents and teachers a very unique and diverse product line that fosters educational excellence and promotes educational family fun.

Community Services
In addition to being a full service bookstore we also provide the following services:

Book Fairs – Research has shown that the number one predictor to academic success is related to the number of books in the home. In order to increase the number of books in the home we offer Book Fairs , which can also be a means of fundraising.  The excitement of an Eyeseeme Book Fair is one of the best ways to encourage reading and introduce children to new literature.

African American Reading Mentors – Encouraging literacy and a love for reading is our highest priority. We have found that when children are presented with literature that looks like them and are read to and encouraged to read by people that look like them, they are significantly more likely to become excited about reading.

Literacy and African History & Culture Presentations – We can assist with Teacher Professional Development and Parent Organizations on the latest research on literacy and the importance of African American History and positive Black Images

Plus we provide many more Literacy, STEM and History Classes in our store


We are a family owned and operated business that takes great pride in our ability to offer exceptional service and products to each and every customer. As parents we understand that you want the very best for your children; and provide nothing less. We hope to count you among our satisfied customers soon!

Pamela & Jeffrey Blair,
Owners and Founders

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: (314) 349-1122
Business Fax: (888) 509-3998
Address: 57 Warren Street

Roxbury, MA
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We are a community bookstore located in Roxbury with a passion of promoting literacy within our children, teens and adults. We’ve got all these great books (and getting more all the time) at incredible prices that we want you to see.
And not just on “in-stock” titles…
Don’t see the book you’re looking for? We’ll special order any book* that you cannot find.

*The book has to be currently in-print and have been assigned an ISBN number
We Love Books!
Real, hold-in-your-hand, feel-the-paper, turn-the-page-while-sitting-in-the-tub books. We want you to love books as much as we do and we’re committed to doing whatever we can to make that happen. Have a question? Call us (617-541-1722) and talk to a real, live person. Or shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We want to make your decision of where to shop online for books an easy one.
Our Books
Our books are Brand New. Occasionally, we may offer some incredible deals on a remaindered book from a publisher but it will clearly be labeled as such. These books are not used, they are unread and like new.
Bulk Purchases
Want to buy a bunch of books for your book club, your child’s school, your church or corporate event? We can help.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 617-541-1722
Address: 4327 Degnan Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
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Business Phone Number: 323.290.1048
Address: 258 E. Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA
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